Andrew quotes

7/18 “I wanna be ballerina like Abby”

today after telling him we were going shopping for his friends’ birthday gifts: “No it’s my birthday. It ‘s my presents”

My Baby

I am copying off Bob Welch ‘s idea and writing a letter to Andrew on here:)

Dear Baby Bear,

I guess you are no longer my baby bear since you are 2! I have called you that and “Little” or Little Bear” or “Buddy” or “Bud Rud.”

I still call you Baby Bear now. You will always be my baby since you are the youngest. You have always been a cuddler, more of a lap baby than your sister. You give hugs and snuggle into our laps. You like to sit close/ in lap for stories. You crawl into my lap at meal time a lot.

I love your big smile and your dimple just like your Daddy has. I love your deep voice you do to sound like Daddy.

You love all sports. You’re always throwing a baseball, a football or hitting a golf ball even at 6 am right after getting up. Yes your Daddy’s brainwashing has definitely worked.

You are an early riser – 6 am or 6:30 everyday since you were about 12 months. You are starting to sleep later though now which has been nice:)

You are a happy guy. You go up and chat with strangers.

You love to watch sports- volleyball, baseball, basketball , football. The other day you played golf for 1 1/2 hours without stopping once. You love watching games. You will sit for an hour and watch baseball. I remember taking you to a football game when you were 1 and you just sat completely still and stared in amazement.

You also love music- you really enjoyed the class we just took. You like drawing and helping me cook.

You love your “Aba” Lately I hear you saying ” I need my Abby.” You will play whatever she likes. You ‘ll sit while she serves you and plays restaurant.

You are my sweet, dramatic, sensitive, adorable little boy.

Thanks for brightening my days with your big sweet smile.

I love you,


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Busy Beautiful Summer

Well we went on a road trip to California, got home Thursday. Then we were off again to Hillsboro for the day on Saturday. Then the 4th festivities. Tuesday the kids and I got back into our routine. Wednesday they had their first soccer class. They both loved it. I guess I am now a ” soccer mom.” We had fun playing at the park after and then after nap we went on a 5 mile bike ride with Sophie. The kids rode in my new bike trailer. I love it!

Today we are facing reality- grocery shopping, yard work. Tonight we are headed to concert in the park and tomorrow play in the park with Kyle. The weather is sunny as ever here- everything just looks gorgeous!

Here are some pics-

a 5K we all did


me and the kids at Toby and Alison’s wedding in CA:


us at Berkeley


I got to see my cousin Justin and his wife Joy there. We had an nice visit with them.


San Francisco


Abby and Daddy in the big city


I got to see my friend Heidi and she got to meet Andrew (She hugged him even with pizza all over him head to toe)


We got to visit Peyton and family in Medford


my new bike trailer and the kids ready for a walk


Quote of the day

I insinuated Andrew was acting like the big bad wolf during his temper tantrum. 5-10 minutes later Andrew announces out of the blue to everyone in the car: “I not the big bad wolf”   

Quote of the day

Abigail (coming out of her room after we put her to bed): “We need to go to Disneyland soon. Can we go to Neverland soon?”