Weekend in Central Point


Andrew and Grammie


Grandpa and Abigail at the farm we visited


Abigail and Grammie doing playdoh. They made it from scratch- so soft!

We had a fun visit. It was the kids’ first night away ever from Daddy. I went with just the kids. I realized that I haven’t spent a night away from Kyle since I was pregnant with Abby. We are a family that sticks together!

Here ‘s Kyle with the kids at campus on Sunday:


Andrew’s New Words

I noticed over the weekend that he says- “out ” when he wants out of the high chair. He says duck. He makes the gorilla noise.


Well the zuchini apple bread was a success. I love the way the apples taste all warm and soft in the bread. I will have to make apple bread more often. Big day- we went to the county fair- so stimulating for the kids- kid wonderland with all the rides and things to do. I hung pictures up in the house finally!, I brought bread to all the new neighbors with Abigail. We had a fun family dinner at my parents tonight and sad goodbye to Jason and his family. We got some great pictures I will post later.

I love rocking Andrew to sleep. I just melt feeling him in my arms against my chest, my baby. I love kissing his big cheeks, they are so big and soft. I love having a baby. He’s is walking everywhere trying to keep up with the big kids. He is still my baby though:) Words he says: du (duck), do (dog), Mama, Dada, trying to say Bawby (my dad’s name) “Baw”, ball, uh oh, hot , hat, bir (bird). He has stopped signing . He just screams when he wants something instead. Ah!

Abigail loves jumping on beds unfortunately. We are working on her not doing that. She loves playing night night, laying in tents. She always want me to build her tents. She loves pretending to hide from a bear. So we are always playing that we are the bear. Kyle is the best at this! He got Abby and Nana so fired up tonight doing that. She also likes climbing trees – Kyle’s influence. And when I asked her if she wanted to do soccer or art this fall, she said she wants to do baseball:) She is a nice mix of tomboy and girly girl. She loves sports but also loves dressing up and doing ballet.


I may start a cooking blog to keep track of all I make in the kitchen. Kyle has photos of all his recipes he made here- http://www.kyleandsara.com/gallery2/main.php. Here is what is the oven today- zuchini apple bread- http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/zucchini-apple-bread/Detail.aspx. My mom gave me this idea. She also made zuchini ginger bread. I will let you know how it turns out. I need to start keeping track of everything I make somewhere because I feel like I try a recipe I find online and then I don’t print it out and forget about it.

Abigail helped make the bread today so the kitchen is a disaster – flour all over the stove. She had a blast though. She loves cooking, baking, cracking eggs, decorating cakes, making pizza.

We had a great day- picnic at Skinner Butte park with the family. Kids had a blast playing at the park. Nap time. Then over to my parents’ for the 2nd birthday party this week:) Abigail is loving all these parties! Granpapa made his delicious pork chops tonight- to die for! Abigail had a blast playing with her Nana. They get together and go wild, screaming. It’s hilarious, they get in their own world. Andrew is starting to keep up with them too.

I must go face the kitchen now.

🙂 Goodnight.

What a Day

I just put both kids to bed. Long day, they got to stay up late. We went to Sweet Cheeks Winery. It was fun. It has such an incredible view. There was music. It was packed. Abigail ran into a friend there and they were dancing together and doing gymnastics. When we got in the car, she was talking about our next visit. Andrew had a blast too. He walks everywhere- he is at that stage that can be exhausting as a parent- the chasing stage. As my dad says he looks like a drunk when he walks. We can’t quite let him walk alone so we chase 🙂

Here is a picture of the view at the winery: http://www.sweetcheekswinery.com/about_us.html

Tomorrow is cousin time- Nathaniel and Isabella are in town. Abigail and Nathaniel have a blast together. Next weekend we’re off to visit Kyle’s family in Southern Oregon.



Last night on our way home from a birthday party at my parents’, Abigail said “what a fun day!”

I asked her: “what was your favorite part?” expecting her to say the party.

Abigail: “going to the grocery store.”



Fun Summer Day

Well we were supposed to go on vacation but Kyle got sick. But it all worked out because we got to do the last swim class Thursday night. And today we went to Saturday market and this afternoon to the EWEB fountain. Summer goes so fast- I think we’re going to have plenty of time to do all the fun summer stuff but it’s already August and we’re just getting around to doing some things on “my list”.

Here we are at the fountain.



Last night my parents had a crawfish boil. Here’s one of my little bears last night:


Pa is in town. We had a fun outing with him at the mall on Friday. He is one of Abby’s best buddies. Here they are:


Andrew is walking so well now. I hope to post a video soon.

Abigail’s hair is so long now, way past her shoulders. It is just gorgeous.


Here is one of the kids caught being good:


They are both reading books in Abigail’s room. Abigail loves to sit in that corner and grab books off the shelf and flip through them. Andrew loves the board books. They like to just hang out in their rooms and play. Andrew loves Abby’s room. He climbs on her bed and sits on it.

Abigail loves to do the dishes. My mom came up with this. It’s great, it keeps her busy, she would do it all day. She has to be supervised constantly though one time she flooded the kitchen. I came in and there was water all over the counters! We played Cinderella the other day and cleaned the whole house together while Andrew was napping.


Here is Abigail this morning reading the paper-


We have taught her well.

We have spent a lot of time at Amazon Pool this summer. The kids finish up their swim lessons this week.


Here is our Sunday ritual- walking on UO campus. Abby rides her tricycle and the past two weeks Andrew has been driving his car. he loves it!


Here’s Abby and Meme at pizza night at Hideaway Bakery.


Abigail is enjoying lots of playdates this summer with her friends.



Camping Trip

We went on a trip this weekend- first “camping ” trip with the kids. We are starting out with a few rustic cabin stays and then we’ll try the tent. Here is a picture of us hiking. It was a lot of fun-


We ate smores-


Abby worked hard collecting sticks for the fire. She is a great helper.


Abby found a special cozy spot-


Andrew did great on the trip. Here ‘s a cute one of he and I hiking-