Quote of the day

Abigail explaining why she doesn’t use her playroom: “we play games that don’t need toys”

Lately they love playing baby where Abby is the mom and Andrew is the baby. They also like performing songs for each other. Thy sit patiently and listen to each other perform:)

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Quote of the day

Andrew sitting in a packed car about to leave for our camping trip : “we have so much junk!”

It is packed to the ceiling!

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Happy birthday Mom!

Well my grandfather and I worked all day on my mom’s party. We made Indian chicken curry from the family cookbook topped with chutney and cilantro (so good), Grandpapa’s fruit salad and fruit tart ( the cream had Cointreau) . Everything was delicious!

It was quite a day trying to cook with the kids- we burned the cookie dough for the tart the first time, then Abby got a bee sting and Andrew threw a tantrum. My dad saved the day by whisking the kids away so we could finish. I got to cook in silence , it was wonderful!

We all worked together to put on a great party! Teamwork! Seb finished the curry while I wrapped gifts, Andrew and my dad put together my mom’s new lawn chair and Grandpapa did the glaze for the tart ( apricot jam, water and sugar), Hayley helped Abby make a card for my mom, and Claude set the table.

It was a fun night!

It was incredible! Totally worth all the work!

Grandpapa spoiling the kids with cookies-

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8 years

Kyle and I celebrated 8 years of marriage this month. He surprised me and took me to Excelsior Inn. It was quite a treat!



and now…


I got crab filled ravioli and had delicious white wine. We got their focaccia bread appetizer with gorgonzola cheese and garlic. Yum!


Lovin summer

Abby wanted to go running on the trail with me tonight so I indulged her. We ran, played badmitten at our special spot, picked fruit and had a wonderful chat. I think we will make that a nightly ritual. (it helped with bedtime too- andrew was asleep when we got home) Sure love my girl!

This summer she has learned breast stoke from Meme, back stroke this week and butterfly from watching the Olympics! Tomorrow she says she is going to do the diving board. She and Andrew have also conquered their fear of the big pool and the slide at Amazon. I am loving these hot summer days with my little guys. I don’t want this sweet beautiful summer to end. This has been a wonderful Oregon summer with lots of hot days. It hasn’t rained in about a month and I don’t miss it a bit!
It feels like Louisiana weather the last few days , I love sweating at night, not needing a jacket and hearing the crickets in the evening. I get all nostalgic and feel a sense of familiarity all around me.
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Couples trip

Kyle and I went on a 3 day work trip, I got to tag along. Tuesday night we had a wonderful dinner outside Skemania Lodge. The food was wonderful, the view incredible and full bar:) I only made it til midnight, I am getting old!

Wednesday I went out to breakfast and for a wonderful hike alone, very peaceful. Then I read outside the lodge and then met some friends for lunch, got in some time poolside.

Then my friend Rosie and I went to Hood River with her twin 3 month old girls . They have the cutest downtown- we shopped and stopped at a cafe. Then we met the guys at the golf course. Kyle and I then went and got delicious pizza and beer. Last night we stayed at Best Western in Hood River. Here was our view at breakfast-

We went to walk around Hood River, browsed some book stores. Then we went to East Portland to Hawthorne to shop. We had a delicious lunch at Lardo-

Now we are home with our babies!

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