What a week! I was exhausted yesterday- we had parent-teacher conferences Thursday and Friday. So Kyle and I got pizza and a movie. We rented Melinda and Melinda ( a Woody Allen movie). It was okay. We love Will Ferrell so that”s one reason we got it. Today I’m hoping to do some shopping and go to the Holiday Show for Salem Art Association. Hopefully I can talk Kyle into going:) Sometimes I”m better off going shopping alone though. I’m getting excited for Thanksgiving! Hope you”re having a great weekend. Sara


Kyle and I went to a fundraiser for my school tonight. We played Bunco. It was so much fun!! I got Bunco 4 times! (It means that I rolled 3 die of the same #) Kyle only got it once. I had a lucky night. I”m enjoying the long weekend. Taking time to really relax. I have a busy week coming up w/ grades due and conferences. I can”t wait to celebrate the holidays and get more time off. Sara