Broadway kids

Abby and I went to this event. Kyle found it. It was so fun. We will def go next year. So Eugene! A choir full of former hippies dressed as hippies singing Age of Aquarius. They came out in the audience singing “Let the Sun Shine” . Everyone was standing up dancing. Abby looked at me with the biggest eyes like ‘mom who are these people?!’ it was really special, a really Joyous moment. You could feel the energy and love in the room. She now wants to listen to the song daily

Such a Eugene moment. I love this place!

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Quote of the day

Andrew to me: ” when I was studying in my room, Abby came and bothered me!”


They each have a desk in their room- I set this up maybe a year ago. They love it! They draw and write at their desks before bed

Here is Andrew – we were drinking iced blueberry tea having a tea party, they are really into having tea parties!

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