Mom Advice

We were all 4 in office Max the other day. The kids were all being a handful and Kyle and I were juggling everything. There was another mom there with her son. She looked at me while I was trying to hold all this stuff and chase Andrew , and said something like “take it one step at a time” and smiled knowingly. Her son was school age. She said it so kindly. It was so sweet. I love when other moms are supportive like that.

Our Routine

Every afternoon after nap I try to give them snack and then we take a hike in the woods behind our house. We bring a bucket and pick blackberries. Abigail is also into picking apples because we found an apple orchard off the trail. Unfortunately the apples are too small right now. I hike with Andrew on my back. It was so sweet yesterday hearing Andrew babbling in my ear. He was pointing to things and talking about them.

We had a nice afternoon. We just sat in the orchard for a while and looked at the trees and the sky.

I am loving all these sunny, hot days!

Here are some pics of the orchard:




Quote of the Day

Abigail out of the blue: “I want a baby sister.”

Andrew’s new word, he started saying it last week: “ni-night” He also said “eese” (cheese) for the camera last week.

Our House

Okay finally here are some pics of our house:

the playroom:


the guest bedroom:


master BR:


Andrew’s BR:


Abby’s BR:


The kitchen:


Dining room:


Living room:


the deck:




Home Again

Well we got home from a week in Portland Friday. We had a fun week visiting family and friends. We went to Munchkinplayland, Children’s Museum, Nathaniel’s house and a puppet show in Sellwood. Today we are having a slow Sunday morning. Later on we will be going to a birthday party and my parents’ for dinner. Here are some pictures of our trip:

Here is one of me with all the cousins at Gaby’s house:


They had fun playing in her big backyard.

Andrew and Abby at the Children’s museum working the grocery store:


Here is Andrew and cousin Rylee making music:


We also met up with Kiley, Abby’s friend from when she was a baby:


Cousin Susannah came over to Gaby’s one day:


All the cousins:


Rough Night

Well it’s 7:17 am and it’s only me and Andrew. He woke up at 2:30 am and wouldn’t get back to sleep til 4:(

I don’t know what that was about. We have been spoiled with him sleeping through the night for a while now. So it’s hard to have a night waking when you’re used to being able to sleep all night- until our Andrew alarm at 6:30 am.

Well today is a busy day of birthday parties and then we go to Portland for a week. Kyle has to travel for his new job and we tag along. It should be a fun week of seeing family and friends and fun Portland activities.

We’ve had a pretty boring weekend so far since Abigail was sick Thursday- Friday. We stayed home yesterday to be sure she was 100%.

This week Abigail started ballet and preschool. Wednesday we brought Pa to the airport:(

We did some hiking and blackberry picking Sunday and Wednesday afternoon . It’s so fun to be able to walk from our back door to a trail in the woods. We also found some apple and pear trees off the trail.


Abby in the orchard-


Today is the triplets’ birthday!

Andrew is hating the rain. He screams to go outside:( It’s awful.

Last Sunday was beautiful. Here are some pics of us at the lake.



Last night was a treat. Kyle cooked delicious clam chowder-IMG_3837.JPG

Then we had our first family movie night- watched Curious George the movie.

Abigail ‘s Birthday

Our baby girl turns 3 Monday. Sounds so big! We had a little party for her Saturday. She had a great time. She loves her puzzle from Grandpapa and her guitar and paints. She is loving the present thing! Last night she came out of her room after her Grammie had put her to bed and said “I will open more presents tomorrow?”

Here is a sweet one of her and I at the party:


Andrew and I are up early as usual. He is up usually at 6:30 am. I kind of like it because the house is to ourselves, so quiet. It gives me time to get ready for the day, blog, etc. I like the peace before the busy breakfast time starts.

Andrew is playing with one of the balloons from the party. He is still so into balls just like Abby was at his age.

Abigail starts her new preschool Tuesday. We went to parent night and open house this week. She didn’t want to leave at the end of the open house so that is a great sign !

Here she is at preschool doing dress up:


The kids are getting in lots of cousin time this weekend and Grammie and Grandpa time. Abigail always wants someone playing with her. She doesn’t want her Nana (Nathaniel) leaving her side. She is like that with her friends too. She is a people person like me:)

She loves talking to the neighbors. We went to an event for Kyle’s work the other day. She saw a friend sitting at a table a ways from us and said, “let’s go say hi to them.” Miss Social! So cute!


Word of the Day

As we were looking at family pictures, Andrew said “Abby” and “Baw” for “Bawby” , my dad. He is so smart, really growing up.   

Quote of the Day

Out of the blue while drawing, Abigail asks, “When I was a baby you could just talk to me?”

I love hearing her wonderings!