Baby Mouse

She performed in the Nutcracker for the first time last night! She loved it! Here is Abby in costume:


Abby (on far left):


family shot post performance:


Is she happy or what?! She loves her pink roses, she has them by her bed.

Busy, busy

Here is a picture of this year’s cookie exchange goodies:

I made ranger cookies

I have another exchange tomorrow with my family. The kids are excited to attend a cookie exchange! I usually go to them without them

I am working a lot this week. I am looking forward to being home with my sweeties tomorrow

Here is a picture of the snow we had this week

I am very happy to have dry roads again today!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I am trying to stop, soak it in and enjoy it

One tradition the kids and I have had this month is putting on Christmas music and doing crafts with the kids. This has been one of my favorite memories. They get in a zone and just work away, so cute

Here is a picture of a craft Abby set up for me to do with her. She set up a spot for me and for her, so cute! I think she was trying to imitate her teachers how they prep centers for the kids

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Homemade wrapping paper

Lately we turn on some Christmas carols and do arts in crafts in the afternoon-
Today we made gifts and homemade wrapping paper- Abigail colored on it, and added foam art. Andrew made a painting of a “cactus vegetable garden” -it is a beautiful painting!

Andrew is learning his letters- he knows a, c and n so far. Here is what he wrote today during quiet time

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Quote of the day

Abby walked in the kitchen tonight and out of the blue said to me: ” when i am a mom one day I will miss you” and then she started crying:(

She says she wants to sleep in the same place as me forever:)

I think she is figuring out the circle of life…

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Quote of the day

Andrew dictated what to write on my dad’s birthday card ” I am thankful for you. I love you. Love, Andrew”


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Life lately

We just had a nice visit with Grammies and Grandpa

The kids are doing a basketball class together

They are excited about Christmas!

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Quote of the day

Andrew : “mom you know what? If you’re alive you have power”

This is the lesson he learned at the art museum today:)

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