Andrew is almost one! His two front teeth are coming in. He know how to say hi. He says it while waving- too cute! He also waves bye. I think he learned this because Abby loves to wave to people on the porch when they leave the house.

Abby is starting to understand weather- she notices when it’s hot/ cold outside.

We went swimming this weekend at Amazon. It’s finally hot enough. Abby did the slide with Kyle for the first time. It was Andrew’s first time swimming.

Andrew does this cute thing where he bring Kyle or I a book when he wants us to read to him. He pulls himself up to the couh where we sit and brings us a board book. He loves the lift the flap Karen Katz board books.


Abigail is finishing up preschool with a real fun week- they painted with their feet Tuesday and Thursday they are cooking pizzas. She is thrilled.

Abigail just said “I have two granddaughters- Indy and Ria” She makes up names lately. That is her new thing. I think she gets this from a book I read her about children all over the world.

Now she is pretending to grocery shop with her cart. She put her baby dolls in it. She said “I’m out of milk and bread for my babies.”

Andrew does this thing where he tilts his head and smiles and really hams it up. He’ll do it for strangers even! What a show off. I need to get his picture taken doing this!

Andrew hates bath time now all of a sudden. It’s horrible- he screams through the entire thing and tries to climb out of the tub. I think it’s because I’m putting him in a bath seat . He hates not being able to move and crawl all around the tub. I had to do it because he was slipping.