This week

I learned yesterday that Abby can ride a tricycle now! She just went round and round the playard at preschool.

Today I noticed Andrew’s second tooth has popped out. It’s so cute seeing him smile with his little teeth.

We moved into our house today. The kids are so happy and of course me too!

Abigail is really into playing pretend – she pretends to cook, call people on the phone. Oh and she loves grocer shopping. I let her take her own cart now- she is in heaven I will have to get a picture of it.

Abigail has a buddy at preschool. She and Sylvia are inseparable. They ride their bikes together at recess. They sit together at recess. They are so sweet to eachother. They love to tumble together too and play a little rough. She had a playdate with her Friday- here are some pictures.

Latest Stuff

Here is Abby before ballet today:

Abby ballet

She is doing so well. She follows along, listens to the teacher so well. She is so brave going across the floor by herself- not shy or scared at all. All the other moms are amazed she’s only 2. She the youngest in the class but does so well.

Andrew is on the move- all over the house- he can climb all the way to the 2nd floor at my parent’s house. I’m exhausted keeping up with him. He doesn’t want to be held. He squirms out of my arms to get to the ground. He can crawl so fast! He is a sweetie- so friendly. He smiles at strangers and charms them by smiling and tipping his head back or to the side. He can also do one arm up with his finger pointed just like his sister.

Andrew is an eater- he is serious about his food. He thinks it’s work, he concentrates on the task at hand. He loves mash potatoes and avocado and carbs of course- crackers, bread. He likes bananas, scrambled eggs, pancakes, strawberries. When he’s ready for more he yells. I’m trying to teach him baby sign language- the sign for more like I did with Abby.

Abigail loves the Signing Time videos. She loves learning all the signs.

Here’s our current routine- morning activities- monday ballet, Tuesday/ Thursday preschool, Wednesday preschool with Alexandra and Skye, Friday playgroup. After our morning activities we eat lunch, nap. When Abigail wakes up she watches a video and then has snack. Then we go for our walk around the neighborhood, then while I make dinner, she goes outside to help my dad work. If he rakes, she rakes, if he shovels, she shovels. It’s hilarious watching them together. They always listen to Meme’s favorite song- Owl City. Then it’s dinner at 6pm, bath at 7pm, bed at 8pm. And then it all starts again at 7 am the next day. 🙂 Abigail loves our routine!

I am finally having time to read to her before bed. There are nights when I put Andrew to bed first and then can take my time putting Abigail to bed. Before I had to put her to bed while Andrew was fussing in my arms- that was hard.

We brush her teeth- we sing Baby Bear from Sesame Street’s song- “Up Down up down you ‘ll have the cleanest teeth in town, …” She takes her fluoride. Then we curl up in her bed and read the latest library books. Then I tell her a story about her of course. She likes to pick which one. Tonight she wanted a story about preschool. Then I tuck her in for the night. (Most nights that is followed by her running out her room for 30 minutes. Then she finally stays in and talks herself to sleep. )

I love going with them to the library. We used to go to storytime on Tuesdays and we’ll start again in June. After storytimes, then we go to pick out books and videos. Sometimes we sit and read a few. Then we go to the cafe and eat a snack- bagel or muffin. She loves returning the books and help checking them out. She also loves helping to pay for parking and holding our ticket. I always feel so rich going home with all those books, CDs and DVDs. We always check out about 30 things! I love having all the new books to read together. Kyle loves reading them to her too. I keep a big bag of them in our bedroom and he pulls them out to read to Abigail.

They are truly exhausting but cute as heck!