Kyle has gotten a world map for Abigail’s room. She loves it. She asks all kinds of questions about it. They are doing a country a day. Kyle teaches her a new country every night at bedtime. She is so hungry for information. It’s great!

She is at the wondering stage. We went on a hike yesterday and she wanted to know what tree roots are. Then she wanted to know their purpose, etc. It’s amazing how educational everything can be with a curious 3 year old in tow!   

new words

Andrew new words: truck, apple, please.

He said please for the first time today. He says it and signs it. I love it!

He also is doing great on animal sounds. He mooed and neighed when we saw cows and horses today.


Imaginary Friends

Abigail now has 3 imaginary friends- Jeffrey, Jason and Patty. She talks about going to their house and pertends to talk to them. 🙂


Andrew has a new bedtime routine. He will actually tell us when he’s tired. For his morning nap today he started to say night night in the playroom and then climbed upstairs so I could put him to bed. He’s so easy. I just sing him “hush little baby” while he snuggles on my chest in the rocking chair. Then I say nigh-night and put him in his crib and he goes to sleep. What a cutie!   

Thougths of the Day

I love hearing Abby sing songs word for word- today it was “I’ve been workin on the railroad” and Jack Johnson

Andrew has run of the house now. He has mastered climbing down stairs. He just turns around and goes down on his hands and knees. He is so happy!

Andrew’s word of the day: He said “mine” for the first time. Guess who taught him that! Now he grabs things from Abby and says “mine.” He is standing up to his sister and instigating fights! What a big boy! He is so grown up – this miniature person. I love looking at him- so little but making his way in the world. He now walks into the bathroom, climbs the stool ready to brush his teeth. It’s amazing watching this little guy grow up.

Quotes this week

“Ma you’re such a good mama. I want you to babysit one day.” (Abigail)

Andrew has learned to climb EVERYTHING including the dining room table. He climbed it this week and starting chucking all my ceramic Halloween decorations. Needless to say I was less than pleased. I actually put Andrew in his first time out! Abigail was stunned. She said “now we have to get a new baby”

Andrew just starting “oh no” today. it’s so cute , he says it with so much expression. Kyle drove away today and he said “oh no” He kind of smiles when he does it because he knows he is being cute:)

Pumpkin Patch

The weather has been so beautiful lately! We went to the pumpkin patch Friday. It was fun. We did the hay maze and the hay ride to the patch. We got some great pumpkins and had fun shopping in the Thistledown Market getting jam and produce.




We had a great visit with Grammie this weekend. We went to the pumpkin patch, shopping, the book store, out to dinner and breakfast.

I am so in trouble with Andrew. He is climbing EVERYTHING. Today I caught him sitting on the dining room table throwing Abby’s beads! He climbs on the coffee table and stands on it. Guess who taught him that?!

Big day yesterday- Andrew signed “s’il te plait” (please) for the first time. I have been trying to teach him this for at least a month. He wanted a cracker and he saw the box so he stared saying “eat” or something. So I said “tu dis s’il te plait” and sure enough he started touching his hand to his chest making a circle (that is the sign for please). So cute!