Andrew wearing all mom’s schools

Andrew circling all the things he wants for Christmas in a toy catalog

I love walking in and seeing him
Work at his desk:)

Abby at the pumpkin patch

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Quote of the day

Andrew told his art teacher he speaks Spanish today:) she said he was feeling sad but then changed his tune when she asked who spoke Spanish and he raised his hand and was all excited:)

Andrew to me: ” what world does Pa live in?”

The kids apple picking today

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Cast free!

Abigail told me on Friday that it was the best day of her life

She got to play at the park for the first time in a month!

Here she is cast free-

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Andrew announced a career change he no longer want to be a fire fighter, he said he wants to be a dad and then said “who will be the mom?” and started to do his lower lip and cry!

He and Abby had big plans to work alongside each other for a while – she is going to be a ambulance driver and he a fire fighter that way they can see each other when they grow up:)

They also have plans to get a house car and ride around together

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