Quote of the day

Andrew’s compliment to Abby at family meeting: he paused and though hard and said “I love to play with you Abby”

He said in the most sincere voice. Proud mom moment:) they are best friends. I love it.

This week’s games:

– building towers. They build towers of campus, their friends houses etc

-zoo- in the living room they set up a zoo with different animals all over to feed

Abby is leading the family meetings. So cute!

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Quote of the day

Andrew to Abby as we drive through Pleasant Hill : “we’re in the beautiful country”

We went there to see a very cute play: Frog and Toad. A fun night. We all had a good laugh. We all just love theater so much. The kids had their eyes wide and mouths open the whole time. They loved it! Andrew asked everyone who their favorite characters were on the way home. I love that “characters” is part of his vocabulary at 3!

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Life lately

Here’s what we’re up to-

Abigail is reading really well. She is reading the BOB books and other beginning reader books. She know all her letter sounds , short vowel sounds and long vowel sounds. She started theater and piano last month. She loves both! She is also doing ballet as always. She will be a citizen of Agrabah and a princess in Aladdin in March. We just finished touring schools for her for next year

Andrew is writing some letters and knows his abc’s. He is swimming and playing sports as always. He loves preschool. He is obsessed with shorts and tshirts. I think we need to move to Arizona. Every day he says ” I can’t wait til we go to Florida” because I told him he could wear shorts there!

They both love reading. Their current favorites are the Bernstein Bear books and Go Dog Go. They just finished Tom Sawyer and are now reading Huck Finn and Runaway Dolls

Abigail at piano

I am doing well- teaching, spending time with the family. I am doing a workout challenge -trying to workout 5 times a week . I am also trying to dance more and do more strength training. I am still doing my book clubs and French groups. I also have done a few sewing classes. Kyle keeps busy running and hiking and geocaching with the kids. We recently joined the Y and are enjoying playing sports with the kids there.
Life is good. I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to 2013.

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