Today was a home recovery day. I am always amazed by the many highs and lows in a day especially when teaching or parenting.


-watching the kids do a dance marathon with Kyle

-hiking in the dry weather

-laughing as I played chase with the kids

-dancing and singing with the kids (they love “Pumped Up Kicks”)

– watching the kids put on a play just for me

-watching Andrew be the cooperative little brother during the play. Andrew to Abby: “What you want me to do?”

-helping my semi neurotic son get settled in bed- right now he has to have his monkey and Mickey, they have to tucked in too under the blanket and then he has to have a pile of books in his bed to read


-animal chores

– potty training messes

-now as I write with Andrew throwing a temper tantrum

-feeling overwhelmed keeping up with this household,- keeping up with the messes, the laundry

-feeling annoyed when the kids don’t listen

Writing this is good because I can think of more highs than lows. It is worth the lows to get those great highs!

I was in the best mood tonight at dinner. I must go hiking every afternoon! Sometimes that time of day I am drained and ready for the kids to be asleep. Tonight I lived more in the moment and had fun- singing with the kids, playing with them, reading and snuggling. It was a good day:)

More quotes

Andrew’s teacher called him cutie. He said “I not cutie. I Andrew”


Andrew in the car the other day:” Biscuit means cracker and cookie in French”


last night:

me”Oh no I’m burning the beans”

Abby : “It’s ok Mom I like them burned.”

What a sweetie!