Dance for a Reason!

Our third annual Dance for a Reason:

We did a girls night with my mom, Sophie and Leah.

Such a great show. They did a Finale this year to “All You Need is Love” So cute!

We went to Sushi Ya before for dinner. Yummy!

Perugino for dessert:

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Abby writing

Abby started writing and spelling independently in December. She used to always ask the spelling of most words other than the ones she memorized. One day she just realized she could try by herself. So she is now writing using phonetic spelling. So in her room the other day after sending her to Timeout- I found a letter on her desk addressed to me saying ” I hat you!” ( translation: I hate you!”)

Sad but hilarious! I cracked up

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Winter break

Our 17 day winter break has been amazing. We have had a lot of time as a family. We got to see Kyle’s parents, my side of the family. I feel so relaxed!

Andrew learned to ride his bike without training wheels . We took him to skateboard. I took kids swimming. The kids and i went to Triangle Lake to visit a friend’s farm. So beautiful!!

The four of us went bowling. We had a bus adventure day and took buses to get around all day in Eugene- yarn store, book store, Glendwood.

Kyle and I got in several date nights thanks to the grandparents.

The boys played tennis. Andrew practiced his reading. He is doing great. He sounds out the letters and then just puts them together immediately and says the word!

Abby started writing independently a few weeks ago so now she writes notes all the time.

Our schedule starts back tomorrow. Ah!

Here we are at my parents yesterday for brunch with my sister:

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Winter Hike

We snuck down to another part of the Ridgeline trail today. It was a short hike from Fox Hollow up to the Dillard Rd trailhead. Lots of cool frozen scenery. Andrew noted how tired he was throughout the trip, but still made it (almost) all the way through.

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Andrew can read!

Andrew learned to read during the snow days this month when we were home for a week. Tonight he read all these words to me , so proud of my 4 year old!

He is so creative. When we were done he said ” make a story with
All the words!”

Quote of the day
We were driving and Andrew pointed to a mural on a wall of a building and said ” look it’s a miracle”
We then explained the difference between mural and miracle:) so cute!

We were driving past houses without Christmas lights and he said “a lot of people celebrate Hanukkah”

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