New Photo Albums

We’ve just put up our new Photo Album program. Check it out by clicking here. We’ll be making changes to it on and off for a while, so keep checking back. It”s going to allow a lot more functionality and the pictures should be much larger and more accessible. You can even send them to get printed if you like something you see. We”ll post more soon. See you for now.

Slowly Coming Back

Hi, We’re in the process of transitioning all of our old site to the new server in our house. Hopefully all will be back and improved very shortly! For now, things are very likely to be slightly broken, so please bear with us. Talk to you soon.

Spicy Quesadillas

3-4 servings 25 minutes (10 minutes prep) Recipe available at: This is one of the easier quesadillas recipes that we have found. Although we’ve made some more complex versions, we remember this one leaving a nice taste in our mouths. Sorting all the ingredients (our favorite mix in of peppers and onions; feel free to improvise here): Heating them up: Preparing the tortillas (I like to fill them up nice and full, but you can experiment to find your preference): Adding the cheese (use quite a bit): Make sure not to cook the tortillas black. Nice and crisp is what you want: Ready to eat with some salsa and a nice cold drink: Enjoy this one before summer is out!