More Pictures and News

Hi everyone. We’ve added some more pictures to our new Photo Album section. Check it out by clicking on the left hand side. We have some shots of our fried okra cooking, as well as Clark and Lizzie photos. In other news, it looks like we will offiically be living in Portland around the first part of June. We’ll have to see how best to make everything work, but this is really very good news involving a great job offer. Three Big wins for the Pac-10 today with Oregon, Oregon State, and USC all coming out on top. Looks like we could have a strong bowl showing from our state teams. We’ll update more later- we’re still working on getting all of our pictures up when we have time. Talk to everyone soon. Here’s a shot of the two crazy cats: Click here to see more of them.

New Addition to The Family

Meet Clark: We’re still getting used to having a little fireball running around, especially LIzzie. We’ll post more pictures soon. We are both doing fine, just busy as ever with school and work.