Preschool Today

Abigail’s activities at school today- riding bikes, pretend picnic, leaf art with salt

She is really into art this year! She is more interested in it than the past and she is mature enough to really sit and have a longer attention span for it.

Andrew’ s day included- train story for storytime, painting pumpkins, snack, quiet time   

Quote of the Day

Andrew during family meeting after I asked if anyone had an issues to talk about: “I have a issue”


At dinner we all share what we are thankful for; Andrew said “preschool” tonight. Now I won’t stress about the tears he sheds when I leave after drop off!

He is growing up! He is talking more like a grown up. I am blown away by what he says sometimes. Tonight he was waiting for Abby to share a toy and starting counting on her “one , two, three” until she handed it to him!

He will come to me out of the blue to talk about his feelings. “I was sad today at school. I miss you”

My baby is growing up into a sweet boy!! I love hearing him talk. I eavesdropped today while he shared a story with his teacher about going to the pumpkin patch. He is a little boy now and a sweet, smart one at that.

“It’s the little things”

an old friend said that once after I had cooked for her. I’m realizing she’s right. Like the other day when I saw that rainbow. So I’ve been noticing those little things that mean a lot to me-simple pleasures-

hot chocolate on a cold night- the other night we had the best time all going and getting getting hot chocolate and then drinking it out in the cold watching a little of a football game.

watching my kids run with smiles on their faces

hearing Andrew speak French

hearing Andrew translate a story for Abigail!

snuggling with Abby to listen to a book on tape

picking out books leisurely at the library with the kids

reading to my kids as they look at me with big eyes

harvesting pumpkins from our garden

a girlfriend loading me up with snacks for the kids when she knew I was going to have a rough few hours being taxi

a friend inviting me over for coffee to talk when she knew I was having a rough time

a friend bringing an extra coffee for me at a playdate

the silence in our house when the kids are asleep:)

playing trains with Andrew

stomping puddles!

the feeling after a haircut

a clean house

listening to Enya while doing chores

cooking with Abigail

tonight it’s a hot cup of cider enjoying the silence of sleeping kids after a long day!

What are your simple pleasures?



Well we went tent camping for the first time with the kids. They did great! And they loved it! Here are some pictures of our adventure-

Our sites were right along the river. It was beautiful . Andrew enjoyed watching the firshermen

IMG_8962.JPG IMG_8963.JPG

reading by the fire


making smores-


They loved using flashlights, eating smores and sitting by the fire. I look forward to our next trip in the spring/ summer.

Quotes lately

Andrew: “I’m tired”

Kyle “You had a tough day?”

Andrew: “I had a tough day”


Andrew: Abby loves me so much”

Abby : “I just love you a little bit” and then she showed a tiny pinch with her two fingers!


Simple Things

So today I totally got into a mood, maybe it’s the weather, etc. But then on our way home Abigail and I spotted a rainbow, a huge one on this yucky rainy, gray day. We stared at it the whole way home. The kids were in awe. We even spotted a second one. It’s amazing how that rainbow turned my day around. It reminded that life is beautiful as well as yucky sometimes:)


Cooking, cooking

Tonight I made two types of tomato sauce, froze my applesauce, started on pear zucchini bread, made tomato soup, bruschetta, and pesto! More processing tomorrow…