Fun Times

Well life has been good lately. Wednesday we had such a good time- harvesting everything in our pj’s in the garden. Doing our daily goodwill drop off! Hanging at home- working in Abby’s room- hanging up hooks, a new light switch cover, cuddling and reading, making cookies together. Abby did her 1st lemonade stand ! She and her friend made $9. Super fun playdate!


Then we headed to Cozmic with friends and family to see Zany Zoo. The kids were real brave. Andrew touched a huge snake. We even saw a guy from our church sing with his band after for a bit. He was really good. What a fun day with the kiddos!

The other night Andrew and I went on a date down the street from Kyle and Abby! Kyle and Abby went to Sweet Basil and Andrew and I went to Ron’s. Then we went to different frozen yogurt places. Abby wanted to have Daddy Abby time so we separated and had one on one time. Andrew and I had a great time hanging out together.


Well we sold my little white car on Saturday. I cried. Sounds silly but I guess it’s all the memories I made with that car. It was my first car. My parents and I bought it together when I was 17. That is the car my mom and I drove from New Orleans to Eugene in 2000. It’s the car I had through high school, the college years, and my twenties. It’s the car that got me to work all those years. I commuted with it for almost a year Beaverton to Salem. It’s the car I took to drive my students in for fieldtrips. I even found Bullwinkles tickets in it from the last fieldtrip I took them on. I think a student even threw up in it on the way home. So bad memories but lots of good ones. So I cried thinking about all those memories and thinking how I had to say goodbye to this car that has been with me through all that. I cry now as I write it thinking of all those great times. So bye bye white car, thanks for being so good to me! And to Kyle- he got to use you for the last 4 years.


I’ll have to find a picture of it during its glory days in the 90s for a comparison:)

Quotes lately

Abby today while on her tricycle, talking to Andrew, playing pretend: “So we’re on I-5. So we tak Coburg Rd. to Willamette…”

Andrew out of the blue in the car : “Pa loves me” He is a very confident little boy. He is always talking about who loves him. Gotta love the egocentric world of a two year old!   

Happy Birthday Abigail!

Dear Abigail,

I can’t believe you’re 4. You are growing up too fast. I remember carrying you in my tummy- we went through quite a year together- working full time, going to grad school part time, commuting Beaverton to Salem 6 days per week. I remember you as a newborn- Daddy and I figuring out how to parent a baby. I remember our walks together in our old neighborhood.


You have grown from being a very active toddler into a very sweet, happy little girl. You love school, princesses, playing pretend, and most of all your little brother. The other day I overheard you saying to Andrew “You are my best …buddy.” You had him in your lap and then you gave him a kiss. Sometimes you want to wake him from his nap, you miss him so much! You are writing your letters now and love chapter books. You love to read the “sillies” in the paper with me. You love to cook , read books, ballet and going to the pool. You are my sweet girl and I am lucky you are mine.




first day of school:


your favorite part of cooking!: