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At doctor for Andrew’s two week appt. Abigail here for moral support. This is old hat for her.

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Well, I have to go back to work on Friday. But it’s been a great two weeks off helping to get everyone adjusted at home. Andrew has generally been a better sleeper than Abigail, although Sara might not agree with that. He doesn’t seem as high strung as Abigail so far, and will sleep most of the time if you hold him. The hard part has been getting him to transfer to his own bed.

Abigail has also been having a few sleeping issues, although it’s hard to tell whether this is related to something else like the weather.

Here are some recent snapshots:

Andrew helping me do some research online. We were reading about the space program:


Here’s Abigail dressing up Andrew like a fire fighter:


Abigail showing off for her brother with some gymnastics:


Andrew hanging out on his jungle mat:


And finally, some home-made jalapeño* cheese bread:


* Actually the jalapeños we thought we had were nothing of the sort! We planted a mix of hot jalapeño peppers and milder hybrid peppers, and now we can’t tell the difference! Unfortunately this means that our bread was not hot at all. I’ll have to go plant by plant to see which have spice and which do not.

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RT @thejoelstein: Not that I’m suggesting it, but now would be a really easy time to get away with robbing Henry Louis Gates Jr’s house. …

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One nice perk of a new baby is all of the free meals. We haven’t had to cook in a week or more.