Quote of the Day

Andrew: “ole ole” (pronounced olay olay) This is what he says for desolee (in English “sorry”). He cannot yet say the whole word desolee. It’s very cute.

Andrew is very polite. He is always saying “no thank you” I guess I did something right there:)

He sings a lot- mostly Itsy Bitsy Spider. It is so adorable. There is nothing sweeter:) I also hear him singing The Wheels on the Bus.

Abigail got her first manicure on Friday. She sat through me getting a pedicure and then kept her hands still during the manicure! She loved it and loves her nails.


We went to Off the Waffle after the manicure. I tried to take her to Holy Donuts but it looks like it’s gone:(

Fruity Waffles

I made a new version of waffles today. Yesterday we had sour dough waffles (Grandpa’s recipe), they came out well. Today we made fruity waffles for the first time- same recipe as the basic waffles we usually make but you add a 1/2 cup of applesauce/ pureed fruit. I added applesauce, they were delish! A little sweeter than the basic waffles. We loved them. And everyone is getting a fruit serving along with their carbs:)

Andrew’s thing the last few days with Daddy home- when I get in the car after Kyle and the kids, Andrew says “no Mommy no Mommy” because he doesn’t want me to go with them:) He just wants to go out with his daddy, no Mommy allowed:( Kyle finds this hilarious! Andrew and Kyle did a boys outing a while back to a baseball game. They are starting to do more of those lately. Andrew loves it!


Quote of the Day

Abigail (as we are driving in the rain): “It’s a good day for flowers.” She is growing up an Oregonian appreciating the rain noting that the flowers will get their food 🙂 Love her optimism!

Fun filled day: Zany Zoo, the new gymnastics place in town with a pirate ship leading to a foam pit to jump down into! Then Shari’s with friends- another humungous table with 6 adults and 8 kids, nap (Andrew slept 3 hours!), dinner at Bawby’s , hike and now they are asleep.

Summer’s Coming

Beautiful weather yesterday and today. I love wearing tshirts, rolling down the windows in the car, feeling the breeze on my face, seeing Abigail’s hair fly up as we drive.

quote of the week: “ot club” Abigail can’t say yacht club so she says “ot club” , so cute. My parents belong to the one in Eugene.

Andrew is into puzzles. I sat down and did them with him one day and now he wants to do them all the time. Every day he grabs my hand and says “Mama Andrew puzzle” It’s our special daily ritual now. It’s one of the things we do together when he wakes up at 6 am and we have the house to ourself:)

The kids started swim class tonight. We haven’t done classes since last summer. Abigail has graduated to Pikes. She did great. She swam on her back, did jumps, blew bubbles, all the things she won’t do with me. It’s amazing what kids will do under peer pressure:) Andrew is much better in the water now than last summer. Last summer he was fussy in the water but now he enjoys it. He took a little time to relax tonight but by the end he was doing jumps off the side.

We had a great day yesterday. Andrew requested he wanted to ride a bus one day so I arranged an outing. We went with some friends to Springfield on the bus. We went to the library- did puzzles, computer games, puppet shows and read books . Then we all went out to lunch. the kids were wide eyed with all the excitement of riding the bus.




Arroz con leche


Abby loved it! Me too!


Chocolate cookies


They taste okay. They didn’t come out all pretty like my friend Heather’s but maybe I burned the chocolate a little:(

Good Day

I love when a day goes from a fail to a win. Today started out yucky- Andrew up at 5:30, I woke up only getting a little sleep. House a mess, etc. But a playdate with a friend and her kids, nap time, and Kyle coming home helped things turn around. And of course the weather!

Andrew and Kyle had boy time- went to the comic book store, Safeway. Andrew got a duck from the comic store and Kyle got some comics for Abby. Abby and I had girl time. She chose to stay w/ mom instead of go w/ Daddy. I asked her what she wanted to do and she said cook . So we made arroz con leche. This has been on our to do list for a while. She has wanted to make it ever since reading the Dora Sharing Day book that has them eating it in the book. We also made chocolate cookies. For dinner we had meatballs and spaghetti , a family favorite. Now we are getting the kids to bed. Looking forward to some quiet:)

Quote of the Day

Andrew” I do workbook too”

Andrew said this as he was scribbling in Abigail’s workbook. He is dying to do “homework” like her so I went to get him a coloring book so he could work too.

Great Day

Music class, playgroup, lunch out with playgroup ladies and kids- about close to 20 total i think. We had a huge table. I am amazed we are able to pull off going to a restaurant with all of them. But that is the good thing about 3 year olds- freedom to do more.

Then we went home for nap, kids played outside, we had a beautiful sunny day. I even got to wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Then we headed to friends’ for a playdate, then ended up staying for dinner and more play. Kyle was at a meeting this evening so I was glad to have something to fill our day. Kids and I had a blast doing chalk, hopscotch, hide and seek, just playing outside. Hooray for sun!

Now the house is completely silent with two cuties sound asleep after a busy day.


Quote from last night

Abigail (talking to “Peter Pan” before she falls asleep): “I wanna fly with you one day maybe on Friday. Goodnight Peter Pan. Have a good sleep.”

We watched Peter Pan last night with the kids. Kyle and Abigail finished reading it together recently.