Into the Summer

Well, I’m all done with year 1 of 2 of graduate school. The exams this time seemed to be much easier, but I’m still nonetheless glad to be finished. This week we are trying to get everything in order before our trip. That means preparing everything with our move to Beaverton and getting work issues under wraps. Today we went up and looked at our new apartment and selected a garden plot at one of the community gardens. We are planning to do most of our vegetables up there and have only a small garden in our front yard here in Salem. We got most of this put in over the weekend before the rains came, and hopefully it will grow into a nice looking landscape.

You can see how far our plants have come in the past few weeks:

We’ve been doing quite a bit of Thai cooking lately, here is one dish:

Finally, Lizzie is always excited whenever there is a mess around the house (it means she has a new place to sleep):

We leave for Baton Rouge on Saturday. Should be a fun visit with nicer weather than we are having here. Hope everyone is doing well, talk to you soon.

Three More Days

Hi, I’m finishing up studying for my first final tomorrow. I’m not too worried about them this time around, but would just like to have them over. We’ve got lots of work to do on our garden and getting ready to move some of our stuff up to Beaverton. So hopefully the next three days will go quickly. We just recently passed the 1-year mark for our return back to the U.S. It’s amazing how much this year flew by in comparison. I wouldn’t say we were having fun all the time, but there’s something to be said for being in a comfortable place. Well, back now to studying about how to manage organizations. After that, an international business final and then an Econ final. Oh- I won an award last week for giving an oral argument on a Harvard case study about BMG Entertainment. With all of the students having seen Napster coming of age first hand, I think most of the professors were out of their league on this one. Nonetheless, I think I was a benefactor of low expectations based upon how some people ln our class tend to prepare. I’ll find out at a receptionon Thursday. Thursday night Sara has a dinner with her cohort at PSU so we’ll be going up there also. Bye for now.