some of Andrew’s many questions today:)

“why do you have to have stuffed animals?”

“when are you going to take me to France?”

“when do you start dying?”

He is very interested in the subject of death and heaven lately. He is sure growing up.

Here’s a pic of my sweeties.

Andrew did his very first camp this week with his sister. Their first camp together


Kyle and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary this week with the kids at Turtles where we had our first date 11 years ago:)


Old Quotes of the Day

Abigail probably to Kyle “Can you get a convertible for Mommy?”


Andrew during family meeting in October 2012 “I have a issue”


Andrew “Is Abby human? What’s human?”


During imaginary play:

Abigail to Andrew ” Would you like 2 beers?”

Andrew : “Let me see if my beer is ready?”