Nearly Done

Hi, we are still here just very busy finishing up the last few weeks of the school year. I’ll be done the week after next and Sara will be done a couple of weeks into June. The exciting news is that we’ve purchased tickets to go to Baton Rouge May 21-29, so we’ll get to have a nice vacation back there. We’ve also got big plans for a vegetable garden this year. We’ve planted almost 100 indoor starter plants– everything from pepper and tomatoes to lettuce and herbs. We’re trying to find the best place to put in a garden in our backyard and it’s hard to find a place with constant sunilght. We’re hoping we’ll get some good stuff though. We have decided to rent out a second apartment in Beaverton for the summer, so we’ll have to come down on the weekends and take care of everything. Here are some pictures from our trip to Seattle. Check out the full album by going to the Photo Albums section.

Talk to you soon. Thanks. Kyle