She’s Back

Well yesterday Abby was up for 18 hours straight without a nap- 5 am until 11 pm! It was a mess. I guess it was a growth spurt or something.

Today she is back to her old self- let us sleep in til 7 and she’s taken both naps today and now she ‘s asleep for the night hopefully. It’s so nice to have our baby back. Yesterday Kyle had to come home so I could take a nap because I couldn’t keep up with her by the afternoon.

She’s all over the place as always. She says Mama and Dada now! Her first word was Mama. She can also wave goodbye. Oh and she can dance- we have a video- Kyle will have to post it. She also is getting pretty good at eating finger food- she likes grapes, cheerios and bananas. She also likes tofu!

Sunday we had a baby shower for “Aunt Gaby.” Here are some pictures:



We had beautiful weather for the party. Our garden looked so pretty :


She loves looking out her window in her room :


She is such a big girl now!


Her first time in a swing:


Swinging with her friends:


She got to see her Grammie, Grandpa and cousin Peyton at the end of May:


She will be 9 months in 3 days on the 13th. I can’t believe it!