Abby has tasted bananas and pumpkin so far. She loves bananas but didn’t like the pumpkin. Here she is pigging out ready for more:


We went to Eugene over the weekend. Here she is at her daddy’s birthday party:


She could really get into the party this time- helping to open presents:


She still loves playing the piano:


Look what she got from Meme and Pawpaw:


Here she is in her Pocahontas suit:


Big Changes

The first big change came at the beginning of the month when Abby decided to stop sleeping so well for us. She now wakes every 1 to 3 hours. We are exhausted and our house is looking like an explosion.

She has started solids. She is eating the rice cereal. Kyle feeds it to her. She has figured out to open her mouth when she sees the spoon. And this weekend she figured out how to swallow. She closed her mouth for the first time and smacked her lips instead of leaving her mouth open and letting the food pour out! We bought her a highchair so we’re ready to go.

She rolled from her back to tummy this weekend for the first time. And ever since she is all over the place rolling all over the room. You cannot leave her alone anymore! She gets herself in uncomfortable spots and starts yelling. She is trying to crawl.

She has stopped losing hair and is now growing some- and it’s much lighter- we think she’ll be a blondie.

She also starting teething this weekend. So we have our hands full with all the excitement!

Here are some photos-


Abby on a stroller ride in the sun.


Abby hanging out in her buddy Noah’s exersaucer. (Hint, hint: Mom, Dad I want one!)


Abby reading her first Valentine!


Hanging out with Mom in the sun


Sunbathing beauty!

Abby the Acrobat


She has obviously outgrown her pink bouncy seat! She knows how to arch her back really well and can fight getting in the car seat and can do a 360 degree circle on a flat surface!