Here is what the latest is with the kiddos- Abigail has decided she will only wear skirts. She refuses to wear pants. She looks so cute all dressed up everyday.

Abby is in preschool. She had a little separation anxiety the last class. She was crying for an hour after I left. But today she just had a quick cry after I left, recovered and had a blast. The teacher said it’s like she’s been there all year. I’m worried she’s a little too comfortable- she sounds like she was being the class clown during circle time- laying down, saying it was nap time, talking , making the other kids laugh. Poor teacher. I’ve been there. Kyle has promised her a princess doll if she is good for circle time. I will let you know her report at the end of the week:) I said I would never use bribery with my kids. It’s amazing how many times I’ve eaten my words after becoming a parent.

Andrew is growing up- pulling up on things, crawling like a big boy. He was crawling all over the house tonight from room to room! He eats people food, finger foods, no more pureed baby food. He is so happy eating by himself. He just goes to town chowing down. He ate quesadillas for dinner. He loves cheerios and eggs.

The house is coming along- we are ripping up the carpets, preping for putting in the new floors. We have to put a fan in the attic and then get an air test after the floors are put in. Dare I say there may be an end in sight!



Every night before dinner we say the child’s prayer- “Thank you for the food we eat…” I always add to the end that we are thankful for something that happened that day- i.e. “Thank you for Daddy coming home early.” Abigail has started to add her own things to the end of prayer. The day Grandpapa arrived she added “And thank you for Pa.” The other day she had asked the name of the flowers that were blooming outside and then at prayer she added “thanks for the magnolias blooming”   


Abby was hilarious tonight. My dad let her watch some ice skating performance he had taped during the Olympics. Abby was watching the girls perform and then trying to imitate their tricks along with them. She was doing jumps, leg lifts. She put on quite a performance for me, Pa, Bawbaw and Meme.

Kyle got her a tea set today- she is thrilled having tea parties. She put a party on for me and Pa today in Pa’s room. She was pouring us all tea and then washing the dishes after. She is obsessed with water- playing with it, filling up containers with it. I have found her in the midst of making many water messes around the house the past few months. I try to keep containers in high places!