Abigail is into swimming. We took such a big break from swimming after Andrew was born that she was a little fearful of the deep water at the beginnin gof th summer. Yesterday she realized that water and swimming can be fun. She goes underwater- we call it peekaboo. She jumps in from standing position and goes underwater. She blows bubbles. She loves bouncing and jumping in the water. She likes doing the slide at Amzon Pool.

Andrew is a ham. I brought him to the library yesterday and he just smiles so big with his teeth to strangers- he did it to a little girl at storytime and the volunteer woman there. I am so happy to have such a friendly little guy! He is learning to give kisses. He open his mouth and presses it to your face. So cute.


Abigail is into space. She talks about spaceships and being an astronaut.

She just said “it’s a great time having fun with my brother” They play together and laugh- so cute.

She also loves swimming. We’ve been going to Amazon Pool.