I like to journal and I just ran into an old quote of Abby’s that I journaled in my online journal- “mommy you are my best” (3/4/10) It made me want to cry. I needed to read that today.

Another quote of hers – today she said, “I texted Teacher Phyllis an email on the computer.” It’s so funny to hear them copy us. I guess she has picked up the word texting from me and Kyle.

Sad Day

Pa left today. Abby cried the whole way home from the airport. She wanted to go on the plan with him! She loves her Pa so much. We were walking home this afternoon on our walk and she asked “Where’s Pa?” I told her he went home and she said “I love Pa”

They have a special bond those two. Thank goodness he’s coming back late July. Here are some pictures with Pa-   

Aperatif Time with Pa-



Lots of new stuff going on

1. Abby is in preschool! She loves it. She had a little separation anxiety for a few days and still does when I say goodbye. But she has an amazing teacher who makes her feel very much at home at school. Abigail also brings Little Duck with her to make her feel better. She carries him everywhere.

Abby at preschool-she’s looking for eggs with her teacher and classmates-


2. Andrew is crawling , pulling up. He gets around quickly- goes room to room.

3. Andrew can say “Dada” and “ba” for ball. He said “ba” for the first time today for my dad. No “Mama” yet- very different from Abby who said Mama first.

4. Andrew is into Abby’s toys more now which doesn’t make her happy. She takes them from him right away and he’s too young to care yet. That will come:)

5. Andrew is sleeping through the night ! Alleluia! It started last month.

6. Abigail has started dance class. She is so happy. She does really well following along and listening to the teacher. Grandpapa (Pa to Abigail ) and I got to watch her first class and Andrew of course! Here she is in class:


7. We have a new afternoon routine that includes going for a walk to the park in Meme’s neighborhood. Here’s Abby with Lil Duck at the “park”. (Meme has convinced Abby it’s a park- it’s really a median with a garden)


8. Andrew started eating people food / finger food at 8 months. He learned so quickly. He loves food- pretty much all food. Some of his favorites are mashed potatoes, cheerios. He likes avocado, fruit, sweet potatoes, cranberries, bread, graham crackers. Here he is eating eggs. He likes them scrambled.


He is my little sweetie bear. He is such a good baby, so happy. He’s so good natured.

Abigail is my energizer bunny. She loves life and just eats it up. We went to church family fun night and they had folk dancing. She had a ball. She is so uninhibited trying all the moves. She has an incredible memory. She’ll bring up stuff we did about a year ago. It’s amazing.

First Dance Class

Abigail’s first dance class was today. She did beautifully listening to the teacher and following along. I am so proud of her. Plus she had a blast. She kept coming over to give me a hug and big kiss every once in a while! The moms got to stay in the class today. Grandpapa was there too.

She was ready for a snack after class so we headed to Sweet Life of course with Pa. She had her first eclair and that is her new favorite treat I think. We are becoming regulars there. The cashier is starting to recognize us!

She is passed out from our long day right now. Andrew unfortunately is on a nap strike unless it’s in Momma’s arms since Thursday. He is sleeping wonderfully at night. Everyone is so much happier.

We had a great Easter weekend. Cousins Nathaniel and Isabella came to visit. Abigail loved egg hunting. She now opens the eggs immediately after finding them to see what’s inside.