Today’s quote

from Andrew: “I want more cheese.” He is doing long sentences now. He is also in the parrot stage , repeating everything. Abby and he do a game. She says “say dog, etc” and he says all the words she says.


To give you an idea how obsessed Andrew is with sports, he know Chip Kelly by face. He loves looking through this football magazine we have.

“more dat dat”- Andrew says this when he wants more of something. it’s too cute.

a day in the life of me

Wednesday 3/16

here’s what my day looks like:

Andrew my alarm clock starts my day, today at 7:30 am due to day light savings, diaper change, hang out with Andrew while waiting for Abby to wake, check up on email. Abigail wakes, serve breakfast, get kids settled in playroom so i can take shower. Get everyone dressed, head out for outing for moms club. mom social, kids play. head home for lunch, eat, on way to put them to nap, Andrew gets sick all over me TWO times. clean up everyone, put kids to bed. clean up sickness mess while they sleep, get a few things done, eat something. Andrew up, read and snuggle with him (one of best parts of day). snack. Abby up, snack for her. run around getting stuff done while caring for kids. play with kids – dance, sing, play music. (another highlight) letter work with Abigail. read through American Girl catalog with Abigail at least 3 times. relive my childhood a little:) make dinner, feed the masses, dress them for game, drop them at bball game with Daddy. golden hour of silence alone at Starbucks doing homework, pick up, put kiddos to bed with Kyle, clean car, chores, check email. read, bed.


That wonderful quiet has taken over the house- the kids are finally going to sleep!

Andrew was a little sweetie tonight. I told him it was time for bed. He dropped his ball and came towards me. He is obsessed with basketball, football, baseball, any balls. In the car I hear him say “Shoot, Shoot , almost!” in the car. He loves “reading” the sports page at the dining room table. He always asks for it when he sees the newspaper, he says “basketball” As he reads he says “football , hike” Can you guess who is brainwashing my child?! One of his favorite past times is sitting in Kyle’s lap watching sports- basketball in particular and football. Kyle has moved his basketball goal into the house. He loves playing downstairs. He can kick the football very well, throw balls very well and can play basketball pretty good too.

We let Abigail stay up late the other night and watch a show with us . So guess what she was asking to do tonight? Abigail said today she is going to have 5 kids when she grows up- 3 girls and 2 boys. She is missing her daddy tonight as he is away on business. She was sad not to dance with him after dinner like they usually do:(

Quote of the day

Abigail hands me her skirt to help her get ready for the party Saturday : “I want to look beautiful”

And she did. She picked out her own outfit and it matched and looked great. She picked out polka dot pants with a matching butterfly print dress, same color scheme on both, looked great and to top it off polka dot socks to match and silver dress shoes! To be three again!

Tuesday quote

7:28 pm

Me: “What do you want for breakfast?”

Abigail: ” You mean dinner!”

She is outsmarting me more every day!

18 month visit

Stats from Andrew’s 18 mm check up:

height: 33 inches

weight: 25 lbs 4 oz

He is now 19 months. He is a great eater. He is my little baby still:) He adores his sister, loves basketball and playing chase and dancing with his sister. His friends are Miles and Allie .


Well we got home Sunday 2 am. We had a great trip!

Here ‘s what we did:

Wednesday 2/23: We arrived in Baton Rouge.

Thursday 2/24: We had a relaxing day with Pa going to the park and hanging out. We went to Andrea’s for dinner and celebrated Pa and Kyle’s birthdays. We got to see Thomas, he is so tall now!

Friday 2/25: went to see Mike the Tiger at LSU, lunch at New York Bagel Co. Pa cooked his famous fish and potatoes for dinner. We went to a parade in downtown BR. Kyle, Abigail, and Andrew’s first parade in LA. We had a lot of fun. Kyle and the kids especially loved it. Abigail got the hang of catching beads and putting her hands up. Andrew was amazed- the fire truck, the dancers, the bands, the floats, people throwing things at us. He was just wide eyed the whole time stuffing popcorn in his mouth.

Saturday 2/26: We headed to Pensacola. We stopped at Waffle House. That was a hit w/ Kyle and the kids. We arrived in the afternoon and were able to run out on the beach awhile. We had Andrea’s shrimp creole for dinner- Andrea, Pa, and us 4.

Sunday 2/27: We went to lunch with Hela, my parents and Claude. Shrimp poboys and delicious drinks outside by the water. Then we went to shop at Joe Patti’s for seafood. Cocktail hour at the boardwalk. Seafood for dinner- boiled shrimp and crabs provided by my dad. Delicious!

Monday: We went to Catpaw Heaven for a nice hike. Margaritaville for drinks before dinner. Kyle and I went back that night sans kiddos for dessert and drinks:)

Tuesday: Shopping trip to Alvin’s Island at the boardwalk then we headed back to the condo for nap. We swam in the Gulf, got up to 80 in the afternoon. We were just in our bathing suits most of the day, wonderful! Martinis provided by Hela for cocktail hour. Boeuf bourguignon for dinner provided by Pa.

Lots of excitement during our stay in FL with Abigail locking herself in the bedroom, Kyle scaling the balcony to save her (he found her hugging her teddy pitiful) , my grandparents getting stuck in the elevator , Andrew being a drama king. Memories:)   

Wednesday : we headed to New Orleans. We arrived at Susan’s for a family party. Abigail had fun playing with her cousin Lindsay

Thursday: We caught a parade at the cousin’s school. Lindsay threw Abigail wings. She was thrilled. Then we headed to the French Quarter for beignets at Cafe du Monde. We walked around and saw the entertainers, Bourbon street and grabbed some lunch. We hung out with Hela, enjoyed cocktail hour with Patty. Then we had shrimp poboys at my cousin’s. The kids enjoyed playing with the River Ridge cousins.

Friday: We headed to BR to see Pa. We spent the afternoon at LSU. Grandpapa gave Kyle a tour. Then we went to dinner at Andrea’s for her jambalaya and more king cake of course!

It was a wonderful visit with family and we loved the hot weather (70, 80s the whole time. we wore shorts and tshirts the whole visit!). We especially loved our days at the beach.