Nana lives in another land but he is my friend- Andrew 9 14-13

Andrew to me there are no bad times (days) with you 6-21
We all love each other

Andrew “I was studying in my room and Abby bothered me”
” I want to live in Eugene forever”

8-1-13 Andrew to me- “I love u so much I want to eat you”

Abby 9-8-13
If your poor u have to use your body to make it . You have to use your hands.
If your rich, you just get it

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June 28 2013
We are in sunriver the four of us for a few days. We biked this morning for about an hour- me and Andrew on bicycle for two and Abby on her scooter, they did great. Someone whined a little but then stopped after a bit and then we had a great ride
Then we ate lunch. Cream cheese and jam sandwiches. We made a quick trip to fort rock park- Abby did swings, Andrew and Kyle played baseball
Then we went on a hike to a waterfall. It was hot . About 90 degrees. And there were bugs. Abby hated the bugs
Then we got ice cream at goody’s, went back to house, I played baseball with kids. Andrew has an amazing attention span for baseball- he will play forever. After about an hour we stopped to set table for dinner. Kyle made quinoa with lime , cilantro, red onion and bell peppers. He also made kale salad with homemade croutons. Delicious! Then I made popcorn ( with nutritional yeast, their fav) and the kids and Kyle watched a little of twilight zone.

Quote of the day
Me : “it’s $5”
Kyle “i only have $10”
Andrew to Kyle : “you could just use half of it”
How is my 3 yr old already doing fractions?!

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