Andrew wants to cook

Abby always pushes her chair up to the counter when she’s ready to help cook. Andrew copied her and pushed a chair to the counter today! He’s ready to help too!

We just got home from the doctor. Andrew is always very good for the exams. The doctors always compliment him. 🙂 He’s always really still for them and happy go lucky. Abby on the other hand turned the sink on and sprayed water everywhere. So there wasn’t good behavior all around. Maybe next time:)

Quote of the day

Abby (while reading book about planets):”At Venus planet, does Emma live there?” Abby asks if her friend Emma lives on Venus. Emma’s mom’s name is Venus!

Big Payoff

Abby now puts Andrew to bed. She reads him a story and sings him “You are my sunshine” Love it! Yay for having two!

Sick Thanksgiving

That is what my dad is calling it. My kids have been sick, their cousins have a cold, their uncles are recovering from wisdom teeth removal, their grandma is sick. So my dad said everyone is getting together this year and trading sicknesses! What a mess!IMG_4539.JPG

Here is Abby home sick. She loves to wear her headbands that way!

Abby was sick Saturday night through Tuesday afternoon. Andrew caught it Tuesday and the last time he had fever was yesterday am. So hopefully we are done. On verra. We’ll see.

Kids are up early today. I better go make them breakfast. Happy Thanksgiving!

French Word

Andrew’s second French word: merci. He signs it and says “merci”

We are home doing arts and crafts due to the weather. For the record we haven’t left the house since Sunday!

2 Word Sentences

Andrew is starting to make two word sentences: “Oh no!” “Bye-Bye Daddy”- he said that this morning as we watched Kyle walk down the hill in the snow. We are stuck home today. Here are some pictures, our first snow in the new house:


This is what our house looks like with the trees cut down. You can actually see it now!


Andrew also has learned the word no.

Abby quote of the day: She comes to me sadly, “Andrew doesn’t like my socks.” She wants to be able to converse with Andrew and he’s just not there yet. Maybe when he’s two. She wanted him to say yes when she asked about her socks. I remember once he just stood there and smiled at her because he couldn’t produce the words:)


I am going to start recording what the kids eat so I will know their favorites. They seem to change so hopefully this will help. Abby- liked homemade Thai food- curry and Ron’s and veggies she will eat- edamame beans and snap peas.

Of course after I posted this , she wouldn’t eat her edamame beans!


Today Andrew signed elephant and giraffe (he raises his hand in the air). I was busy with something and all of a sudden I noticed he was doing this repeated movement and sure enough he was looking at an elephant in a book and signing elephant. He also signs monkey, bird, please and more

Today is Friday funday as we call it in our house. No work for Kyle. Kyle took the kids out for a treat and shopping for books and toys while I was volunteering. Then We went to Bounce this morning.

Kids did great at yoga this week. We learned AcroYoga. It was fun- a combo of acrobats and yoga.


Andrew loves reading and being read to. His current favorites: The Very Cranky Bear- I read it to him in French. He loves it! He also likes this Baby Einstein book with babies in it.

Word of the day: Amen. He said it after prayer at dinner today! So cute. I said it after the prayer and then he said “Amen Amen Amen”

My Little Abby

She is growing up so much. She has always been into bags and purses and filling them up and playing pretend. (Kind of like me- my dad calls me the bag lady sometimes since i am often lugging around so much stuff) The other day Kyle needed a cord of his from one of her bags and she flipped out saying that was her pizza or something for a game she and Andrew were playing. She has a spot in her room where you will find all her stashed treasures. Before we could leave for preschool she had to organize her stash in her room (cards, jewelry etc). She has been taking a bag of stuffed animals to preschool every day. Today she took Hello Kitty and her 2 ducks (Little Duck and Duck). She still gets sad when I leave but only for a second and then she starts an activity. Andrew loves the preschool. I think we will start him next year because he is just crazy about the place. We ‘ll see.