Quote of the Day

Andrew is Mr. Complimentary

He is always telling me how beautiful things are on me- a bracelet , a dress, a watch. He is in the I am in love with Mommy stage:) I love it.

Andrew: ” It beautiful. I love your new watch.”


So I mentioned to Abigail about how we should collect some toys, clothes for some girls whose names were on the giving tree at church. I told her the girls’ names and ages. A few minutes later I came out of my room and Abby said “Come in my room, you have to see” So I went in and she said “this is for her” and she pointed to a bunch of clothes and books on her floor that she had picked out for the girls. I think my girl is understanding the reason for the season! So sweet!

Here she is with all the things she wanted to share. She set them all out on the floor!


quote of the day:

me: “i think it (Abigail’s dress) looks really nice on you”

Abigail: “i think it looks really nice on me too”

Sweet Andrew

He will play in his room in the morning for about 30-60 minutes by himself. Such a sweetie entertaining himself and letting us sleep. He is always fine playing on his own, the opposite of Abigail who needs people like me:)

I found him this morning flipping through his fire engine book sitting on the floor. He has books all over the floor so maybe he had been reading for a while:)


Yesterday he must have gotten bored of being with the girls at Abby’s friends so he went to the playroom and checked out all the toys for a while.

On the way to my dad’s yesterday he said “Bawby likes to play with me.” My dad decorated a tree in his yard with blue lights for Andrew and Andrew loves to look at it every time we go over. “I want see my blue tree.”

They are excited for Christmas. It is becoming an annual tradition for Kyle to decorate a tree outside Abigail’s window with light so Santa can find our house. Abigail loves to look at her tree out her window at night. 🙂

They wrote their letters to Santa. Abby wants an Ariel mermaid doll and an American doll. Andrew wants a basketball hoop for his room.

Kyle and I went looking for ideas of what to get them last night. We went to Elephant’s Trunk. It was so fun to go without the kids. I was able to take my time and look at everything in the store.

Quotes lately

Andrew : “Preschool….. is fun”

“Mom you are driving too fast”

Abby and Andrew : “Where is the jerk?” They couldn’t say Grinch so they were saying jerk! So funny! Someone in our neighborhood has a Grinch decoration in their yard.