Welcome Fall

Well we just got home from having lunch with Dada. Fall is definitely here- it’s cold, windy and the leaves are falling. I’m sitting with Andrew and he’s cooing away. Abigail is sacked out. We are about to join her.

Andrew has really change in the last week. He coos, smiles and is alot more interactive. He loves when you tickle his toes. He loves mobiles. He is a chunk. No one can believe he is 2 months old! Lasst time we had him weighed he was 14 lbs 5 oz. And that was 2 weeks ago.

Well our house didn’t work out so we’re back to square one. I’ll keep you posted about that.

Abigail cracks us up daily. Today she was dancing around Andrew’s room singing “I don’t want to lose your love tonight”- one of her and Daddy’s songs. She is excited about Halloween. We went to the 2 year old story time today for the first time. She was thrilled to be with the big kids. She is also sleeping in a toddler bed now. She is so proud. The first night was a disaster (ran out of the room about 10 times over 2 hours) obut by the second day there were no problems thank goodness. We harvested the remains from our veggie garden this morning. I’ve got a lot of cooking to do and no time for it! Anyone want produce? I’ll try to post more pictures soon.

Here is Abigail with her “pie” she made me by dumping out the box of cheerios the other morning while I was in the shower:




Our First Baby Turns 2

Today was Abigail’s 2nd birthday. We had a big party at the house- it was a lot of fun. Abigail is very into ballet so we did a ballerina party. Her favorite gift was a pair of ballet shoes. She wanted to wear them immediately and then she wanted me to bring the music outside so she could dance.



Here she is practicing her moves:




The party really did her in- she went to bed at 7 pm. She was falling asleep on the dining room table in her dinner! I can’t believe our little girl is two years old. It sounds so big!

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