Hi there,

Well life has been crazy- lots of ups and downs. Raising a family is sure a rollercoaster ride! Kyle is outside raking with Abigail- she just loves helping! Good thing because it’s a full time job with the tree in the front yard. Here are some pictures of us at the pumpkin patch yesterday:


poor Andrew was not happy for this one!


Kyle picked the biggest one he could find.

We are making our way through the terrible twos- we know now why they say that. We’re dealing with the fun of the toddler bed, nap strikes, etc.

Abigail is talking so well- full sentences all the time, incorporating new words very quickly. She loves bed time stories that Kyle and I make up about “Little Abby” going on different adventures. Andrew is coming out of the colic thank goodness. He is a real chubby sweetheart at 17 lbs 2 oz. He is 3 months old now. He coos and smiles so big w/ his dimple. Sleep with him is a little easier than it was with Abby so we’re enjoying that.

I hope everyone is enjoying fall and getting ready for Halloween