Well we sold our TV Sunday! It’s so nice and quiet without it. We are reading more. I love cooking without the background noise. It just seems simpler and more peaceful. I feel like I’m living in the olden days:) which is fitting because I am reading a book right now that takes place in the late 1800s.

Abby had her first real snow here on Monday. We walked around the neighborhood a bit until her cheeks turned rosy.


We went to IKEA over the weekend- she loved all the action!

I am starting to do chores around the house with her in our Ergo since she loves being held so much-


Hanging out with Mom:


High Pitch Screams

Yes that’s what’s it’s all about lately. Abby is talking all the time- babbling and lately shrieking.

We went to our first “Mommy, Me and Music” class today. Abigail loved it!!!! She was wide eyed the whole time. She was so stimulated with the music and other babies. We sang and did hand motions and danced and made music with instruments. We also blew bubbles and they had a big mirror for her to look at her reflection with. We also did some fun stuff with a big parachute. I am so glad she enjoyed it. I was afraid she’d be asleep when we got there and miss the whole thing.

I told Kyle he has to go with her one week. There was one Daddy there this morning so it’s not just mommies.

We also went to the outdoor mall today and Abigail was a big girl in her new umbrella stroller. She likes it because she can look out at everything.

It’s just us girls tonight. Kyle went to a Blazers game.

Gotta go- Abigail is calling:)


That’s all I can say. I just got home from hearing Rafe Esquith speak at Powell’s. He is a celebrity in the land of teachers. He wrote Teaching Like Your Hair is on Fire. From the title and from reading about him I knew I had to go see him. Within the first few minutes of hearing him speak, I wanted to get back into teaching. He is so inspiring. So to all the teachers out there- buy his book and watch the PBS Documentary DVD of his classroom. He will get that fire back in you. He brought some of his students to perform Shakespeare after his speech. He teaches 5th grade to students of low poverty and who are non English speakers in a public school in L.A.

The book is also supposed to be beneficial to parents. Check it out!!!

Good recipe

I made a delicious dinner the other night: Denver Mile- High Burgers

I made it without the ham since Kyle doesn’t eat it. They are healthier burgers because they’re made with ground turkey and the recipe includes lots of veggies.

New Hat

I got Abby her first item from my mom and I’s favorite place- Hanna Andersson. Here she is sporting her new hat-



Well Abby and I are sick with a very yucky cold. So we are home bound.

She is so good at grasping things! She can now hold two things at once.


She got this jungle for Christmas. She likes it.


Well now that I am a stay at home mom I have taken over the cooking duties. Kyle has been a great sport at trying all my new attempts at cooking dinner. There have been some disasters. One night I tried to make fish and stunk up the whole house for days. Kyle always keeps his veggie burgers in the freezer just in case. Yesterday I tried to make bake potatoes and artichoke (separately) for the first time. I under cooked the potatoes and burned the artichoke almost setting fire to the house with the wooden steamer.

I tried a new recipe for chicken enchiladas this week off and those turned out delicious. Tonight I am trying Hungarian Chicken with gnocchi. It looks good so far.

Abigail loves watching me cook. So I talk to her like I’m putting on a cooking show (my friend Candice gave me this advice-she does this with her 4 month old). It keeps her interested and allows me to cook. She loves watching us do anything. She’s fascinated watching me brush my teeth!

More on my cooking adventures later. . .

4 Month Checkup

We just got home from the doctor. Abby is passed out from her shots. She did better this time. She is getting tougher. She only cried for a little bit after.

She is now 14 lbs 8 oz (75th percentile for weight) and 25 1/2 in long (90th percentile for height). She is doing very well. She has gained a pound and 9 oz since the last time we weighed her on December 5th. She loved grabbing onto the paper on the examining table at the doctor and making it crinkle.

That’s all for now,


Favorite Pictures


This is my favorite of her right now. She is getting so strong and babbling a lot. Babies just get more and more fun as they get older.

We are trying to get her to sleep in her crib now-it is not easy.

Meet her new friend Daisy:


It’s so neat to watch her grasp and hold things so easily now.