Andrew is 3!

Dear Andrew,

I can’t believe you are 3. Time flies. I look at you and you are this big boy who talks so well and has such a love for sports. I am so lucky to have you. You are so beautiful with your dirty blonde silky hair and sweet face.

You love preschool and “teets” (treats). I love hearing you say the Madeline prayer at dinner. I love you sweet 3 year old voice. You do this deep voice sometimes too- I guess to sound more grown up.

You are a total sweetheart but you are also intense! You like things a certain way:)- you will not go to bed unless your room in clean. You do not like to wear a wet suit. You strip as soon as we get out of the pool. You hate pants and are obsessed with shorts. And you can thrown a tantrum! One of your favorite books is Finn Throws a Fit.

You love pancakes, blueberries, raisins, mango , PB and J, beans and Mommy’s green smoothies. You love basketball, gold and baseball and hip hop. You love anything Cars or Spiderman or Handy Manny. You love tools and biking. For your birthday you chose to go bike riding and for dinner you chose blueberry pancakes with cookie cake for dessert. You love doing the bicycle for two with me. You are so excited about your birthday this year . You love singing the birthday song and opening presents. Your favorite presents were your tool bench, drum and bike. You favorite songs are “Good Feeling” and the soccer song.

I love you so much! I am lucky to have you




Central Point trip

We are on our way home from a fun trip to Central Point. Friday we had a delicious fondue ( thank you David) for dinner followed by a spiderman cake and Linda’s homemade strawberry ice cream to celebrate Andrew’s birthday. He kids loved fondue, it was their first time having cheese fondue. Andrew had a great time opening presents. I think his favorite is his tool bench. Saturday we went to the park to the fountain and then to the Jackson Co fair to see the Wiggles. I just love the fair- we saw Ballet Folklorico dance the traditional Mexican dances. Abby was in heaven – she loves their dresses with the big skirts that twirl when they turn round and round. We saw animals, a pirate , a monster truck, kids swimming inside bubbles, did some rides, and ate some junk food. Kid heaven!

The kids checking out the horses-

Abby at the fountain-

Then we came home and went swimming in Grammie’s pool and had our favorite thai pizza for dinner . Kyle and i fit in a date after we put the kids down- we went out for a drink downtown in Medford. And then went to the bookstore, the usual;)

Kyle did a lot of biking with David during the trip. Today Kyle and David bikes to Jacksonville. We met them there for coffee and then went to the farmers market. we went back to he house for one more swim and now we are headed home. A very fun filled weekend!

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Camping with the cousins

Monday I will try to post pictures of our camping trip last weekend with my parents , brother and his family.

Right now we are on our way to Medford to celebrate Andrew’s birthday with family there and tomorrow were going to see the Wiggles!

Yesterday the kids and I had a super fun day at the pool! Here is Abby –

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Eugene girl

Abby to me when she saw paper napkins on the dining room table: “why are you buying these napkins? They have to cut down trees!”

I assured her it was a one time purchase for Andrew’s birthday party 🙂

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One more

Andrew: “that feel me better”

Whenever he says this I smile:)

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Quote of the day

Andrew to me: “you look pretty”

I was wearing a bathrobe! What a sweetie!

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It’s been a wonderful summer so far. We ‘be done two trips, gone berry picking, horseback riding, hiking , biking and swimming. Abby starts her first camp tomorrow. She is thrilled.

Her are some photos of our fun so far this summer:

Hooray for great weather and great kids!