New House

Well the signing for our new house is today! Here is a picture of Abigail and her cousin Nathaniel at the new house:


Nathaniel hiked to it from my parents. He walked the whole way by himself! He is such a sweetie bear.

Here is Abigail hiking from grandmother’s house to the new house:


Abigail has a new cousin Isabella Jasmine born on November 17th. Here she is with Andrew:


When we eat at my parents’ Abigail always wants to sit right by her “Nana”:


Abigail had a great holiday with all the family in town. Here she is with her uncles:


Abigail ‘s hair is finally long enough for pigtails:


Here are our little ducks:


Abigail is loving having a baby brother:


Andrew is a big guy- 100th percentile for weight. He weighed in at 19lbs 19 oz at his 4 month appointment last week! He is a little sweetheart, such a good little baby. He just adores Abigail. He has all eyes on her at all times!




Déjà vu

Parenting your second you get a lot of déjà vu. Right now when Andrew coos and tries to stand in my lap- I start remembering when Abby went through that phase.

Well we had a nice morning at home. Andrew sometimes takes two hour morning naps so it gives Abigail and I some time to hang out. Here is Abby playing with some silly putty she won at a Halloween party:


I always try to get out in the morning because we all nap in the afternoon. We had a busy week- Monday- playgroup, Tuesday- library storytime and lunch w/ Dada at the Muffin Mill, Wednesday- preschool (oh yeah I started a coop preschool), Thursday- Showcase concert at the Hult center- heard the Eugene Symphony and Terrific Twos class at Birth to 3. Plus Abigail ‘s afternoon outings with Bawby- my dad will pick her up after nap and take her out since Andrew naps til 4 or 5.

When Andrew woke up today Abigail wanted him to play on his play mat from cousin Susannah. Here he is enjoying looking at the toys:



Abby and Dada at church-


costume pictures-


our little cow-


with Grammie and Grandpa-