Quote of the day

On the way home from watching Peter Pan at my parents’ Andrew announced out of the blue:
“I wanna learn how to fly”

Andrew earned an m & m cake today for being potty trained :

We worked in garden today- Kyle and I made a bean tipi for the kids. Abby is really into the planting this year!

We planted the bean and morning glory seeds to grow up the bamboo sticks, so i will post an after picture in a few months!

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Quote of day

Andrew and I were hanging out on couch reading yesterday after I had worked all day. Out of the blue he turns to me, looks me in eye and says, “I missed you” and gave me a big hug. 🙂

I got lots of kisses and hugs from my girl this morning who is not huge on giving those so I think she missed me too!

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My Little Guy

Andrew has been obsessed with balls and sports since he was a baby. His first birthday was a sports theme party so it must have started before 12 months. All day he runs from playing some baseball, to basketball to throwing the football to hitting with his golf clubs to throwing the frisbee. He initiates this all by himself and is happy playing all by himself.

This weekend when we were out of town he was over the moon because my brother had a frisbee and football in his backyard. He spend practically the entire trip playing football and frisbee with whoever would play with him. My brothers, my dad and Sophie’s boyfriend took turns. We even brought a football to the graduation ceremony! It was outside so Andrew was able to play during the ceremony.

I have him signed up for Tball and will sign him up for soccer again. He is so excited!

I found him a basketball outfit at the Goodwill in Walla Walla. He loves it and wanted to put it on immediately!

Here’s our little jock:


Rainy Morning

Just ran 4 miles in rain. I am training for a 1/2 in November. We’ll see if I can make it to 13. Now I am wrapped in fleece after hot shower, eating hot steel cut oats with soy milk, brown sugar and raisins in a quiet house. Preschool day. Life is good

I had a wonderful day with the kids yesterday. Wednesdays are our free day where the day is ours, no scheduled events. We went to the pool with friends. Very fun. The kids are swimming like fish. I’m amazed at how much progress they made yesterday from 2 weeks ago. Abigail started really “swimming ” on her own a few weeks ago. Yesterday she started diving in and then immediately swimming once she was in. And she learned to flip from front to back while swimming. She also started swimming on her back about 6 feet at a time. Andrew got better at torpedos. He kept saying he learned this from his swim teacher Sara at the Y. I guess the $30 I paid for lessons was worth it! So a torpedo for a 2 year old is where you sit on side of pool and dive in, push off wall, swim, turn and swim back. He got better yesterday at “diving”, really pushing off wall on his own and got better at swimming with his arms. He started to swim on his own to wall underwater maybe a 1/2 foot. This coming from a little boy who has always been grouchy about the water! We’ve turned a corner! Yay! So proud of my little guys!

Heading home

Last night we had a nice dinner with Ben- yummy Thai food. Andrew had pad kee Mao, his favorite. Andrew napped from 6 to almost 8 yesterday. We had dinner at 8 pm, his bedtime usually! He is on the college kid’s schedule!
And he went to bed at 11!

This morning we had a delicious breakfast at Maple Counter. Andrew got a bear pancake. We also got an apple pancake that was kind of like apple clafouti. It was yummy!

Now we are headed home!
I am excited to see my little girl and Kyle too of course:)

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Andrew and I are in Walla Walla. My baby brothers graduated today!

It is very dry and hot here. I love it! Lots of wine tasting around here.

It has been a fun trip, Andrew loves being the only kid! Saturday we went to Starbucks with Sophie and Derek then went to golf course. Andrew had a great time hitting balls at the driving range

Poor little guy gave himself two blisters:( we need to get him gloves

We did a lot of cooking at ben’s – crawfish pie, Caesar salad, boiled shrimp, and crawfish étouffée . We ate some of it for lunch outside . Weather was wonderful. Then we rested and went to commencement- beautiful music. Then we had a party at ben’s . Everyone enjoyed all the creole food. When we got back to hotel about 9 Andrew said “that was a good party” when we met another Abigail at the party, he said “that’s interesting”

This morning we had breakfast at a Mediterranean restaurant, I had a wrap with scrambled eggs, lettuce and feta . Yum!
I had to leave restaurant for a bit due to Andrew meltdown about not having shorts on. The joys of two year olds:)

He has been a trooper the whole trip, we had a 6 hour drive to get here, didn’t arrive til midnight. He had to pee in grass on side of the road for the first time on way here. What a big boy! He traveled very well
Graduation was today. It was outside, sunny and gorgeous. The author of Fast Food Nation spoke. The campus is really pretty. We did lots of photos after, went to a gathering at the Chemistry building with Ben. Then we went to bookstore and took Seb for late lunch, got some yummy Mexican food. Now we are taking a much needed nap!

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The kids watched wall-e the other night and loved it. After the movie Abby sat and drew picture of Eve:

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Coast trip

Ice cream!

Abby had fun writing in sand and making sand castles

Above is her current signature – Abigail followed by a lollipop and an exclamation mark! That is how she writes her name now:)

View from deck! Incredible weather:)

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A lot of milestones this week-

Andrew has potty trained himself very quickly – I think it took 2 days!

And Abigail is swimming like a fish. I had her swim to me about 100 times this morning at the pool and after that she just started to really get it. She stopped reaching for the bottom with her toe and really kept afloat and swam! Nothing is cuter than watching her swim through the water. What a big girl!

So proud of my little guys!

We are having a spell of gorgeous weather, we just had a 3 hour picnic with friends at the park. So fun being outside soaking up all that sun. We ended the outing with Popsicles! Now I have two kiddos konked out in their car seats!

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Sickness marathon

Just when I thought when we were done with being sick Andrew wakes up with pink eye. For the past two weeks Abby has had pink eye, Andrew has had an Ear infection , they both have had hand foot mouth ( an awful version with every symptom possible), a cold, and Abby has a cough!

I hope they are better for school Tuesday.

On a another note the weather has been gorgeous. We have been enjoying it thoroughly. Here are the kids at the garden

-Here is my mom’s cherry tree. I am always in awe if the cherry trees this time of year. I can’t stop looking at them they are so pretty

Happy spring!!
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