I just threw these in the oven:. I’m trying to find new recipes. I’m into bar cookies. My neighbor brought me oatmeal carmelitas . They are to die for!

We watched Polar Express this morning. Abby is so excited for Santa to come! Andrew liked it too. He liked the reindeer in the movie. They are both asleep so the house is nice and quiet:)

Here is a recent picture of the little bears. They love their Daddy so much they fight over him:



Quotes of the Day

Out of the blue this morning Abby asks: “What planet does Aunt Sophie live on?”

Good question! Just kidding!

Abby (in the car): “Mamma put on a girl song.” (she prefers listening to female singers:))

me: “This is a girl song.”

Abby: “No this is a woman.”

My Sweetie

Andrew is downstairs on the couch reading book after book babbling. Love it! I wish I could get it on camera but I don’t want to interrupt.

Recent Pictures

Here are the kids making gingerbread houses at the Advent Festival:



Here are some pictures with their friends:

Cookie making with Nina:


Playdate with Lucia:


Abby in her new dress from Grammie:


My monkeys in their monkey pjs:


the kids with the tree:


Busy Weekend

We had a very fun, busy weekend. Saturday I took the kids to the Winter Faire at the Waldorf School. It was so fun. I loved the Children’s Market. Abby went shopping with an elf and got presents for me, Kyle and Andrew. They are all wrapped under the tree. I have no idea what they are! I was so proud of her for being such a big girl shopping with the elf. We also went to the cookie cave, made a wish in the wishing well. went ice fishing. Abigail also made a star ornament.

Sunday was very busy- church- we had to go early because we had to do a reading and light the advent wreath. Abigail loved getting up on the altar in front of everyone! She went to Sunday school beforehand. After church was the Advent Festival- wonderful as always! We made necklaces, candles, decorated cookies, made wreaths. Then we headed home to rest, and then went to two birthday parties!!

I woke to a disastrous house after such a busy weekend but I attacked it during naptime and feel much better now.

Hooray for all the fun stuff going on during the holidays!

Baby Jesus

Abigail is really into baby Jesus this year. She wanted to set up the nativity scene right away. She carries the baby Jesus figurine everywhere. She lays all the figurines down to sleep sometimes. I really need a more kid friendly nativity set! The one we have is like porcelain

Abigail is just so helpful – doing chores (wiping the table, clearing the table, making her bed), putting Andrew down for nap, bed, feeding him, sharing her food with him. She is just loving the holidays. We went to a tree lighting last night. She just loves all the celebration and having Christmas cookies.

Yesterday Kyle and I went to our first parent teacher conference. The teachers said Abby is doing great. She especially likes the home area of the classroom- the kitchen area and dress up. They said she does the bikes outside and the hopscotch with two feet.:)

Andrew says “Aba” all the time now for Abby. Abby loves it. I put him in the car seat and he asks for Aba. He always wants his sister.

At doctor appointment this week Andrew weighed in at 24 lbs 8oz.

Kids are napping so well. It makes me so happy. Our house is so quiet in the afternoon, you can hear a pin drop. Abby doesn’t nap every day but most days . If she doesn’t nap, she does quiet time in her room.

Kyle is home today. When I got home from volunteering , he and Abby were doing the gingerbread house. Thank you Grammie for that!

Abby heading in for Sunday school looking like a supermodel:):


Andrew and his cousin Bella with Bawby. They are looking to be more the same size now.:



Thanks to book club and my French club I get to go out to eat twice a month. Last time we went to Ring of Fire for French club. Ring of Fire is an old favorite. They catered our wedding reception.

Afterwards we went to Sweet Life.

Here are some restaurants in Eugene:

Adam’s Sustainable Table- this is real popular because they use local ingredients. It is gourmet comfort food.

Ring of Fire- Thai. I loved my friend’s dish. They have great cocktails. I got a spicy margarita. It had a jalapeno in it! I also love their dessert:

Ratatouille- my friend’s resaurant, it is French, delicious!

Marche- also French

Off the Waffle- delicious Belgian waffles

Izumi- my favorite sushi place

Mazzy’s- Italian, romantic setting

Hideaway Bakery- delicious European style pizza

La Perla – pizza place , formerly an ice cream parlor

Ambrosia- Italian, for more special occassions, on the pricey side, delicious

Cafe Zenon

Places I want to try:


Belly- I am going there next week for my French club

Cafe 440

Chef’s Kitchen

Mezzaluna- my friend Jen’s restaurant