Abby yesterday: “Daddy says you don’t know how to park the van”

Andrew today: “You make good soup Mom”

“You make good juice Mom” It was all store bought but I ‘ll take any compliments I can get!


“We’re in business” after getting set up to eat I think


“I play basketball when I was a little boy in Eugene with Frederic”


Abigail after seeing a biker bike up the hill on Willamette before 52nd Ave at night- pitch black: “I don’t know if I could do that”

Sweet Little Brothers

Andrew loves his sister. He loves to help her in some way. Tonight I told him to bring her something and he ran in her room and said, “here Abby” in the sweetest voice. Today she set up a picnic in the living room and he was happy to play along. I watched him sit on her “picnic blanket” and patiently wait for her. He sat and went along with her game for about 20 minutes pretending to eat playdoh etc. She is one lucky gal having a little brother like that.

Andrew waiting patiently for Abby to return to picnic with him


Quote of the Day:
Andrew: “I’m excited” He says this is the most joyous voice when he is happy and can’t wait to do something. He said this a few times today before we would go do something fun (like watch a movie or drink hot chocolate) The way he says it put a smile on my face. I love to see such pure genuine joy!

Snow Day!

Here they are in the snow today:




We had snow this time last year about January 7th. Andrew has more of a baby face a year ago:(

December 2010:


January 2012 (today):

IMG_1426.JPG IMG_1446.JPG

Look how they have grown!

A day with Pa

a day with their great grandfather=movie theater and popcorn, fudge and Sweet Life for lunch!

As we were driving from Sweet Life, Andrew says “where we gonna go next?” He was ready for more!!!

They made it through their first movie, Chipwrecked. It was cute. I loved hearing Abby get the giggles during the funny parts. They were about 3 scarcy parts where I covered their eyes. Andrew was a little scared of how dark the theater was and of the noise but once the movie started and I gave him some time to adjust , he was fine. When we were done Abby said “I want to be a chipmunk for Halloween.” Andrew said “I liked that”


I think Andrew has been watching too much Winnie the Pooh. He asked for a cup of honey for lunch! He wanted the whole cup I got from bulk section at grocery! I indulged him and let him have a teaspoon full in a cup for dessert:) He was covered with honey after just like Pooh bear!