Update Madness

Hi everyone. We dusted all the cobwebs off of our website here and made a bunch of updates. We added hundreds of pictures to the Photo Albums section– from our Europe trip to the wedding and beyond. Check them all out here (they are all on that first page). These aren’t all that we took, but we tried to pick out some representative samples. There will be more updates in the days to come as well. If you are here stopping by, please let us know by signing the guestbook. Sara likes to check it every night. We still need to update the page for this person: We’ll also add a section for some of the cooking we’ve been trying to do on this break. Watching way too much Food Network has made us try some recipes– some of which even turned out okay. Sara’s back at work now while I’m off for another week. We went up to tour Intel with her class yesterday and it was really interesting. I’m trying to stay busy looking for an internship for this summer. Thanks to everyone who got us Christmas presents! Talk to you soon. Kyle