We just got back from Medford this afternoon. Kyle had to say goodbye to the house he grew up in. His parents are moving the first weekend of December. We got to see the new house which is just beautiful. Back to reality. I’ve got report cards to do and Kyle’s got loads of school work as always. We’re spending Thanksgiving in Eugene and Christmas in Medford. It’s nice to home for the holidays this year. Thanksgiving last year was so depressing in France! We were so homesick we almost bought a plane ticket home that night. It’s so funny to think back on those days. It’s like I can’t believe we really lived that. I think back on the commuting, our miniscule apartment and it’s just surreal. I’m so glad to be back to the US – even with Bush being re-elected:( Although these dark days are starting to get to me. The fall leaves are beautiful but I need some sunlight!!!! I’m driving Kyle nuts! By the way he’s making a SAD light as a group project at Willamette so maybe it will solve all my problems! Well I better get back to grading. I hope everyone is doing well.