Happy Holidays!

Well we’re finally back in Salem. We had a wonderful Christmas with both of our families. Today we went to Portland to see brokers, banks and mortgage lenders. We also caught a basketball game: South Medford vs. Reserve Christian ( a team from LA).

Goings On

Kyle had a big presentation last night for Willamette, and he did awesome. He practiced for weeks so I had to go see it on the big night. The presentation was Greek to me since they were talking about the stock market- benchmarks, standard of deviation, blah, blah. But it was very impressive. This week has been filled. Monday I had class as always. Tuesday we had family pj night at my school- i wore pjs and read to the students. We have the book fair going on right now. Wednesday I had a meeting. Thursday -the presentation. And today Kyle came and volunteered in my classroom. He helped teach 7th grade math and he had FFC with the kids. FFC is Friday Fun Club- kids who turn in homework all week on time get to go. We also had our school assembly this afternoon. Then Kyle and I went to go see Colin Powell speak at Willamette. It was fun. I enjoyed when he talked about the different presidents he”s worked with. And he also gave the following advice to students on what you need : morality, get as much education as you can, discipline, learn to deal with failure, build a reputation. He said to education yourself and eventually you will find what you like and what you”re get at. I loved what he said about failure. He said that when he fails, he analyzes, fixes it and never looks back. He never rehashes it w/ friends. He moves on. He used the image of throwing a crumpled piece of paper over his shoulder. I thought that was good advice. I could benefit from that! B/c unfortunately I tend to dwell/ rehash things. After the speech, Kyle got to go to a fancy reception for Colin Powell at the convention center w/ dinner, etc. The ticket was worth about $250! He couldn”t get his hands on one for me:( I went to set up the food booth that my students are running all weekend as a fundraiser. Hopefully we will raise some money. I hope everyone is doing well. Christmas will be here b/f we know it! Ah!