Current obsessions

Abby is obsessed with Aladdin . She knows all the songs, dances to them constantly. She has a stuffed tiger who eats at the table with her named Raja. It is hilarious !

Andrew gets into it with her, they are always dancing to the songs together. He is very into the sports still especially baseball and basketball. He is constantly hitting the ball with the bat or shooting hoops. He can dribble and makes the ball in pretty much every time at the kid sized hoop.

Abigail has been doing ballet all year and some tap. Abigail is very into crowns and head pieces. She loves to dress herself- she comes up with some wild combos. She loves to wear her headbands like this-

Andrew loves t-shirts and shorts with pockets. He loves handy manny, cars and Thomas.

They have both been swimming.

This summer they will do soccer.

That is the current interests for now

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Kyle strikes again!

Miso soup, tofu and margaritas! What a combo! It was delish! We made a salad with tofu – put it with lettuce and sliced almonds, oil and vinegar

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Little Moments of Joy

I was a little grumpy Saturday for no reason at all, I felt especially guilty about this since we have had such great weather lately. Sunday I woke determined to snap myself out of it.

We went to the tulip fest. It was stunning as always. It was really hot (not complaining I love it!) so I found us some shade. Out of the blue Andrew grabbed me by the ear, turned my cheek towards me and planted a big kiss on my cheek. I was so taken aback by this unprompted display of affection, I started to tear up, smile and laugh. He got this big sweet smile on his face. I had stumbled on this blog earlier today about catching those little moments of joy in front of you every day. ( ) After that kiss I thought that is what that blogger is talking about! Now Kyle had just announced we were going to get ice cream before Andrew did that so maybe the kiss was about ice cream. Either way I’ll take it! Andrew sure got me out of my slump after that . That is all that matters:)


We had a wonderful Easter. The kids are so good at egg hunts this year.

The kids loved seeing their cousins. They especially loved seeing their baby cousin Colette. Abby and Andrew wanted to sit by her at the table at all the meals.

In the middle of dinner Andrew started crying and sobbing, tear dripping down his face. We all stopped and asked him what was wrong and he said he was sad because he wasn’t sitting by Colette!

Here are the kids walking into the Bunny Breakfast:


Here are some other holiday pictures:


The kids came up with the idea that they wanted to do a Valentine’s Party with cookie cake . So I made a cookie cake and we had a nice little family party:

IMG_1660.JPG IMG_1661.JPG

Here is Abigail in her Valentine’s outfit:)


Mardi Gras celebration:

Abigail making king cake


It was incredible!


Abigail and Andrew celebrated Mardi Gras with their book club:



IMG_1254.JPG IMG_1260.JPG

Andrew living his microphone from Grammie:


Abigail and Colette:


Abby’s room during the break when Kyle organized the whole house!