New French Word

This morning Andrew said “la main” and pointed to his hand. He also understands “le nez”

Yesterday Abby was sleeping and Andrew was playing outside. I guess he wanted her to join him because he came inside with her boots and brought them to her and put them on her back! So cute!

Quotes of the Day

out of the blue Abigail said to her teacher, “Mommy shops at night” So when I came to pick up Abigail the teacher said “I know your secret!”

As I was getting dressed this morning, Abigail says “I ‘m happy to live with you.”

Good thing, she is stuck with me!

word of the day

Andrew said “princess” today! Can you tell he has a big sister?! He brought over Abigail’s princess book and wanted me to read it and kept pointing to the princesses saying “princess”

Quote of the Day

Abby tonight as I am kissing her goodnight: “I’m so lucky to be your kid.”

I laughed in surprise and choked up at the same time.


This is what Andrew says went he wants more “odee” It’s very cute. I know one day he will say “more” but for now it’s odee.

I remember Abigail used to say “gogo” for anything with wheels when she was one. She still says “pianio” for piano which i love.

Best Part

I always ask Abigail what was the favorite part of her day before she goes to bed. Tonight her answer was “when Momma came home” (I went out tonight for a church event). I think that was the best part of my day – hearing her say that:) Nice to feel so appreciated.

Currently Abigail wants to be a nurse when she grows up. Sometimes she says doctor. Tonight she changed her answer to “adult.” Earlier in the evening she said princess.

Crisis of the Day

Yesterday Abigail’s crisis was that she didn’t have a babydoll named Abby. Today it was one crisis after another- she wanted waffles instead of cereal, she wanted a treat, she wanted meatballs instead of spaghetti, and on and on. I am exhausted! To be 3 again…

One thing that is new is that she is asking SO many questions all the time and especially about the books we read. It can be exhausting answering all these questions but I love the look of wonder on her face.

Andrew has started this thing yesterday that if I turn left to town instead of right to his Meme and Bawby’s, he starts crying real tears and pointing to his grandparents’ house. It’s so sad. I’m amazed how one year olds are so aware of their environment.


Recent pictures

The kids love their cash registers they got for Christmas-


Abby is into making soap- here’s how they turned out-


outside fun on the deck-


Andrew now wants to help cook too!:


Peyton and Abigail with the Duck:


We had a nice visit with family last weekend:


Abigail ready for ballet-




This was an especially fun day- Smith Family Book Store, tricycle/ playing ball on campus, storytime at Cultural History Museum, lunch at Eugene City Bakery, Prince Puckler park, Prince Puckler, naps, riding bikes by the river with friends!:


My new stand mixer at work:


Thank you Linda!

And I had to laugh at this- this is what happens to your kitchen when you try to skype with a girlfriend when your kids are awake!: