Dear Abby

Dear Abigail,

You are 5! Sorry this is so belated.

I am loving you at 5- you are so mature and grown up. You have this sweet grown up voice now.

You love Pocahontas, princesses, dancing, baseball and biking. You love writing and math. You love doing “homework” at your desk. you love to write words and letters and make up words.

You have outgrown Dora:( You announced this on the way to school. “I have a Dora backpack but I don’t like Dora.”

You love to cook and draw. You love flowers. You love planting in the yard with me. You also are a ham for the camera. You love music and singing.

We just read Meanest Doll in the World and you loved it! Now you are reading Dr Doolittle with Dad.

You love ballet. You can’t wait for the Nutcracker!

I look at how tall you are and how grown up you can be and can’t believe 5 years have passed.

Here you are hanging up a Halloween garland you made by yourself. You are such a big girl these days!


I love your enthusiasm for life. We just got home for a trip and you were just bursting with stories for Bawby yesterday. It was so cute listening to you talk away like such a big girl.

Thanks for being my girl.

I love you,




you at your birthday party- we had pancakes for dinner at your request:) Chocolate cake for dessert. Here you are wearing your new boots.



We had a great visit with Kyle’s parents this past weekend. They brought us to a Trunk or Treating event and the kids just loved it!

DSC_0058.JPG DSC_0067.JPG

my little fireman


They love their cousin Peyton!


me and Brandy


Grammie got a haunted house kit for the kids. They loved it!


Kyle and I got in two date nights. We got to see Peyton’s football game. Sunday we went antiquing- so fun! We got our favorite Mexican for lunch and had a beautiful drive home in the sunshine through Jacksonville. Seeing the countryside in the fall sunshine and all the beautiful hills full of mulitcolored trees was incredible.

Quote of the day

Abby after i told her and andrew they needed to get to bed:”this is only time we can be together without mom”

(they were jump roping in her room)

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Quote of the day

The rain is back in Oregon ! We were out in it yesterday and I said “it’s a good day for flowers” repeating Abby’s thing she always says when it rains

Abby responded” but not for people”


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A note

A note from Abby that she left under my covers to find when I went to bed:)

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