Snow Days

Well today is our second snow day. They have been good for me- they have forced me to slow down. My only duties are to feed everyone and play with them. Very simple. No errands, no running around, no having to get ready for going places. Abigail asked to be in her pjs today and I thought why not? I am one of those people that want to do everything, try everything. So I overdo it a lot- to give you an example- I am currently in four book clubs! And I am trying to read all the books. I find myself running around and sometimes I don’t even have time to eat or make something for myself. My car is so messy by the end of the day with all of the things from our activities- bags of library books, the swim bag that needs to unpacked, etc.

I am also trying to expose the kids to lot of things- The kids were in four different classes at once a few weeks ago plus preschool. Thankfully we are down to two.

Abigail had one of her first volunteer experiences the other night. We went and volunteered at Food for Lane County with my brother. She did so well ! She loved it- scooping the food into containers, labeling everything with stickers. I am so excited she is old of enough to do it. It was a fun outing just me and her and she got to stay up late!

So these snow days have been good- we ‘ve had a lot of family time- sledding, snuggling and reading books, cooking. The kids and I made oatmeal sunflower seed cookies , salad with vinaigrette and crepes yesterday. Abigail just loves cooking and using our family recipe book. The other day I realized the kids are turning into their parents- Abigail loves dancing, ballet and gardening like me. Andrew loves sports like Daddy!

The kids watched The Snowman movie today, very sweet. It’s a short film only 30 minutes, mostly silent. Beautiful music. I highly recommend it. We also read Paperwhite by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace. I love her books. They all have bunny characters. The illustrations are paper collage. She has written many books about the seasons and holidays. My kids have always enjoyed her books.



IMG_0883.JPG IMG_0889.JPG

When I see these pretty pics I almost don’t want it to melt!


My sous chef:)



I do hope the snow melts today but I hope I will remember what is has taught me- breathe in and soak up life. Slow down and enjoy. And maybe I need to consider toning it down a bit!



Andrew: “I tell you a story when I was a little I lost my mitten”

Abigail today when we had a foot of snow on 2nd day of spring: “Mom What is Mother Nature doing today?”   

Lazy Days

The past two weekends have been so relaxing. Last Saturday I think I only left the house once and not until 6pm. We just had a lazy day at home and cleaned up a bit. This weekend Kyle and I had date night Friday night. Saturday we went and had breakfast at my parents’. I got to meet my brother’s girlfriend finally. Then we all hiked the Butte. Both kids did great! It was Andrew’s first time climbing it on his own. He did at least half of the climb up on his own. We had to help him most of the way down. Abby was in the lead the way up and way down! Then we went to my parents’ for lunch. And then we had a lazy Saturday at home. I cleaned up. I love my house when it’s clean! It makes me so happy. I had time to look through my seed catalog and plan this year’s garden. I had time to do an art project with the kids- watercolor painting an alphabet book. We had our family meeting and Kyle cooked a delicious dinner- salmon, black beans and chard salad.

I felt so good after not eating carbs, not full just satisfied. Nothing makes me happier than when Kyle cooks me dinner! And his dinners are always good! Like my dad says -Kyle doesn’t do anything halfway! This is the good part of being married to a perfectionist:)

Today the kids and I headed out early for Sunday school. While they went to Sunday school, I went out to breakfast alone, lovely! Then mass, an incredible sermon and I got to hear it with my baby sitting still in my lap. Andrew didn’t want to be downstairs with the kids today, he wanted to be up with me so he sat through half the mass in silence ! A miracle! It was fun having some company! He liked hearing the organ, seeing the woman do sign language as they sang the songs. Then we had family time- out to lunch then the bookstore. Kyle and I read to the kids. Then this afternoon we went to the Y. The boys played basketball and Abby and I went swimming. I am trying to teach her to swim and she did it today! She only swims a few seconds on her own but we are getting there. She just needs to be more confident and to practice.

A lovely weekend!


Wonderful Day

Abigail had dance as Andrew and I went for a run on this crazy windy day. Poor Andrew was covering his eyes when I was running against the wind. Then Abigail had a photo shoot! Look out for her- her photo will be on a magazine in Eugene soon! Then fun playdate- the kids decorated t-shirts with craft markers. Abigail also played a princess board game that she really likes, dress up, music making. Abigail got to hear her friend play violin. Andrew and Abby were so impressed. Now they both want to do violin. They loved it! Then dinner at my mom’s –

raclette- I hadn’t had that in so long. We didn’t have a raclette kit so we just melted the cheese in the oven. You can get it at Trader Joe’s!

fish with French tarragon, olive oil , s and p. Incredible!

salad with homemade vinaigrette


three French cheeses- Triple Creme, morbier and one other blue cheese


Dutch apple tart – to die for!

a great day!!!!!

My little guy

Best time with my little boy Friday night. Abby and Kyle headed out for a Daddy Abby night- dinner and a play- Peter Pan. Here they are all dressed up:


She got to stay out til about 9! They had a lot of fun! She was so happy when she got home!

So Andrew and I had a Andrew Mommy night . We planned it all week. His requests were to build a tower, play trains and read books. Talk about easy to please! As I watched him look at his train move on the track I though I ‘m so glad I got him the train table! He does appreciate it.

It was so fun to have him all alone. He was so easy, so sweet and so quiet! I rarely get one on one with him- not since last school year when he was home with me.

He is such a snuggler- he rests his head on my shoulder as we read.

Here’s my sweet guy:


I just love this age (sometimes, I can live without the meltdowns!). He is still got a little baby in him- his small feet, his little hands. He’s still toddler size- I get a lot of strangers smiling at him as we pass. They are just miniature people at this age- so cute!

He is growing up though- going to preschool, going to Sunday school, raising his hand today to answer a teacher’s question at Sunday school!

He loves to dance and sing . He’s very comfortable dancing at school. He teachers tell me about his dancing all the time. I’m so glad he feels so comfortable there!


Current news on kids:

– current career aspirations- Abigail wants to be a doctor like her grandmother and Andrew wants to be a football player

-The kids have discovered magazines (adult magazines). They now pick them as what they want us to read to them! Abby loves this article in the Parent Child magazine about types of dads and what to get them for Father’s Day.

-Andrew has an imaginary friend called Fred Duck. He called him today and then told us that Fred Duck wasn’t sick with the stomach virus and could come to the mall.

-Abby had 3 imaginary friends last year. One was named Patty.

-Abigail has a new doll . She named it Abigail Bunny

-The kids got goldfish a few weeks ago . Andrew named his Andrew:)


Quotes lately:

Andrew (after grace at dinner ): “hands together make me feel better” (We hold hands for grace:)


Here’s a picture of Abby sledding, having a blast with her cousin:


Here she is with Abigail Bunny:


Kyle and I are doing well. He is keeping busy with work and taking 2 classes. I start working April 1st substitute teaching part time! Exciting!

Abby skiing!

Well it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. We’ve been very busy- two trips to the snow in the last month and a quick getaway to Portland for Kyle and I one night. Abigail is learning to ski. Here are some pictures.

IMG_1994.JPG IMG_1995.JPG IMG_1997.JPG

She goes by herself. She went down the whole magic carpet hill on her own at Willamette Pass. We need to work more on stopping next time.

I don’ think anything is cuter than kids in their snowsuits!

I hope to blog soon about Christmas , more trip pictures etc.