Andrew is turning into quite the athlete. He loves baseball, basketball, golf. He played golf with my sister the other day for an hour and a half straight. He can throw the ball very well- very far to the point that strangers come up to me commenting on it! I am going to have scouts coming up to me soon!

Quote of the day – Andrew” I love him (his cousin Peyton)”


me (sneezing, blowing my nose): “oh no”

Andrew sympathetically: “Oh no Mama has allergies”

Fruit Tart

Abigail and I made fruit tart with our strawberries we picked today . We used Grandmaman’s recipe from her cookbook. Here it is:

Abigail putting on the finishing touches:




So I think w/ my size tart pan, I need to double the tart crust recipe. I burned the crust the first time after all that work making it in the cuisine art:( So my dad and Abigail bought me pie crust from the store. I don’t think it works well to use that because the fruit tart recipe has you make a cookie type tart crust, different than a pie crust. So better luck next time. We will dig into it tomorrow. I will let you know how it tastes.

Abigail loves cooking. She will just flip through cookbooks during her quiet time. She especially is interested in desserts it seems. She wants to help cook all day. So does Andrew:) I have my hands full with all my helpers.


Strawberry picking today:



I’ve got a new haircut, summer is here, Sophie is here. Fun times!

Busy, busy

Some of Andrew’s full sentences: “I hurt myself”

(to his doll): “I go Safeway I be right back”

Franglais sentences: “I want bateau.”

“I want take sieste”

Well my last day of volunteering was Friday. I just love the teacher I work with. She is so full of energy like me but maybe even more! She had chicks in her class, an ant farm and currently there are some type of bugs and caterpillars turning into butterflies. It is so fun to be in her class helping with all the activity. They are performing plays- like three different ones. So I got to see them practice all that.   

Abigail’s dance recital was Saturday. She did great. After that I headed to my teacher book club to discuss Half Broke Horses. Wonderful group of women, great book.

Kyle and Abigail are working on a “Peter Pan project” as Abigail calls it. They are making their own 3 D map of Neverland.

Here they are working on it:


Abigail has started a journal. We were reading Amelia ‘s notebook and got the idea. She has me write about her life and we glue in photos and she draws pictures.

Andrew just loves his Daddy. He was so excited because Kyle took him on the bus Friday. He had been dying to go with him. He is very into buses and riding them. We also went to a track meet over the weekend: