New Words

Andrew said “applesauce” today. He and Abby love it. He also says “Liz” for our kitty Lizzie.

They are being angels right now eating applesauce at their little kid table. Gotta love these moments and think of them when the tantrums are being thrown! We are enjoying the sun this week! Will post pictures soon.

Good Day

Today was one of those great days. Whenever I have a day like this I wonder what was the secret:) One secret for today was that I got some me time – sadly at the dentist but it was about 2 hours kid free. I think that helped. And the kids both napped so that gave me another few hours kid free. Those hours make me so refreshed and reenergized to take care of the kiddos.

We had a wonderful walk in the neighborhood. It is getting dark a little later now , that is nice.

(Hours later)

I jinxed myself:) We ended up having arsenic hour as some call it while I tried to make dinner/ do laundry/ who knows what else. Dinner got made though, Daddy came home and we had a nice night. When Kyle gets home the kids run to the door screaming with excitement. They love their daddy. Now both bears are in bed:)

Here’s a picture of Andrew waking up Abby from her nap today:



Abby wearing sunglasses at night on the way to Kyle’ s work party:)


Andrew at his first class- gymnastics:


Abby’s dollhouse:


I found her dolls for it and now she is all into it.

Here they are reading in Abigail’s room:


I love when I can capture these sweet moments!!

Abby ready for ballet:


Andrew too:


Good night!

Goodbye Morning Nap

So I think Andrew is finally down to one nap so now we are going to start going for runs together on Tuesday/ Thursday. Here he is after today’s run:


He loved it, had fun looking around the whole time.

It is raining outside. We will leave in a minute to get Abby from preschool. Tomorrow is Friday Fun Day- Kyle’s day off. The kids start gymnastics tomorrow. It will be Andrew’s first class.

Here are some of the dinners I made this week, pizza last night (everyone’s fav):


crepes from another night:


Happy New Year!

Back to reality today- Daddy went off to work and back to the normal schedule. We had a nice holiday. Kyle got like a week and a half off from work.

We are having a lazy morning-waffles for breakfast, hanging out. Then we are off for errands, picking up Ben from the airport and Tiny Tots (their fav place) this afternoon.

Here are some pictures of Christmas and vacation time:

Andrew at my parents’ house:


Christmas morning at our house-


We spent a great week in Central Point with Kyle’s parents. Here’s everyone in Ashland:


Here the kids are catching a game at Daddy’s old high school (now rebuilt elsewhere though):


Here the kids are with Grandpa at Abby’s Pizza:


The kids got lots of cousin time during the holiday. Abby and Peyton:


Abigail and Nathaniel hiking:


the toddlers- Andrew and Isabella


Here is Abby in her new princess bedding, a gift from Grammie:

IMG_5033.JPG IMG_5035.JPG