Note From Stockholm

Hi, we are in Sweden for the weekend. It’s cold!!!! Only 90 days left on the countdown now, and only 2 months until we are done with work!



Leaving on Sat, 01 May 04 from Paris, Charles-De-Gaulle [CDG] Arriving on Sat, 01 May 04 at Portland, Intl [PDX] We booked the tickets! We will enjoy the next four months here, but can’t wait to get home.

It’s Cold!

Hi, we are back at work now in cold, cold Paris. We put up our first travel journal under the Journals section of this website, so check it out if you want. We will try to add one for each trip we take in the future. We have been planning for when my parents come in April, and it looks like we will be going to Normandy, England, Italy, and Switzerland/Jura. Can”t wait! And hopefully we”ll be all ready to come back shortly thereafter. Bye for now.